Women's Squashers Show Promise At Ivy Pre-Season Competition

Women's Squashers Show Promise At Ivy Pre-Season Competition

Nov. 11, 2003

Providence, RI - The Brown women's squash squad has a dramatically different and exciting lineup this year, as evidenced Ivy League practice scrimmages that took place over the weekend of Nov 1-2 at Dartmouth. With Phoebe Anderson and Julie Flygare, two juniors away for the semester, and two of the three captains injured, the strength at the top of the ladder was a new group of exciting freshman players.

Playing at #1, Lillian Rosenthal, a first team All American, played well for this first outing, beating Linda McNair, an old friend and rival from Penn, and the #1 at Cornell, losing to another old friend and rival at Yale, and having to retire from Sunday's morning match against Dartmouth. The news about the freshmen is that positions 2-4 were played by Zarah Rahman, Erin Andrews, and Katie Lew.

Rahman worked hard and ran every point down during her matches and got stronger and more tactical with each match. Andrews, a nationally ranked player with composure, good hands and a ready and steady style, also brings composure and a sense of fun to the team and the lineup. She too, got stronger as the matches progressed. Lew, playing at #3, showed her tenacity and racket skills to good effect.

Keri Betts, one of four sophomores on the squad during the weekend, played at #5 and demonstrated that an additional year of experience at the college level makes a difference in close matches. Alicia Ringel playing at #6, a senior and only captain playing over the weekend, demonstrated her special cerebral tactical style, which is sometimes nerve wracking to watch, but shows off her many years of competitive experience.

Freshman Nathalie Pierrepont at the 7th position has the potential to develop into a strong contributor to this team - this year and in the future. Becky Hurwitz, another sophomore, playing at #8 started the season well with a much better fitness level than last year, and greater confidence in her game and shots. Clearly, Becky is ready to make a significant contribution to the squad this year. Sophomores, Jen Neff and Courtney Quick playing #9 and 10 are both stronger and more experienced players.

Although the Bears were 1-3 over the weekend with the win against Cornell, it doesn't tell the entire story or predict future results. The team that played in the Ivy Scrimmages was filled with experienced sophomores and an ambitious, capable and hard-working group of freshmen, following the work ethic and competitive spirit of their top player, Rosenthal. The perennial powerhouses of squash will be tough to crack, but this team is clearly going to ruffle some feathers this year, especially when their juniors and injured captains return to the lineup and join the talented newcomers, who will make this team an exciting one to watch as the seasons progresses. There will be continued competition from the impressive group of players to make the team and the challenge matches will be spirited and tough. The level of play will be the best it's ever been for the team and should draw some great crowds to enjoy the squash.