Bears Place Seventh Nationally At Howe Cup

Bears Place Seventh Nationally At Howe Cup

Feb. 26, 2006

CAmbridge, Mass. - The Women's squash team retained its #7 National ranking by defeating Williams, 6-3, early on Sunday morning at the Howe Cup at Harvard this weekend.

The Bears were motivated and excited to play Williams and received a boost from Nathalie Pierrepont `07 who won quickly in 3 games. Minoo Fadaifard `08 playing at #3, also raced out to a quick win, playing controlled and accurate squash against an opponent who had no answer to Minoo's racket control.

Captain Jen Neff `06 won despite an unsteady start and ran out a comfortable winner. The team needed two more wins to gain the victory. It looked as though Katie Lew `07 may get it, but the steady play of her opponent proved too much.

Breck Haynes `09 at #5 was 8-2 down in the fourth and fought back to win, 10-8, and the fourth match was secured. All eyes went to Megan Cerullo at #1. She was playing very well and covering the court smoothly. At 8-1 down in the third game, it looked as though the match was going to be 2-1 to Williams. Megan kept fighting and incredibly came back to win, 10-9. The 9-5 win in the fourth secured the win for the enthusiastic Brown team. Freshman Charlotte Steel wrapped up a wonderful win for the Bears by winning, 3-0, with a calm and athletic performance, and at #10 Courtney Quick finished her college squash career with an emphatic win in front of the entire team.

At Saturday night's Howe Cup Team Banquet at the Hyatt, the Women's squash team matched the men's team the weekend before by having six Scholar Athlete's recognized in front of 380 people. The proud recipients were Jennifer Neff '06, Katie Lew, Zarah Rahman `07, Courtney Quick, Erin Andrews `07 and Nathalie Pierrepont 07.

Match Score: Williams 3 vs Brown 6

Position Williams Brown Winner Scores

1 Ashley Eyre Megan Cerullo Brown 9-5 4-9 10-9 9-5

2 Kate Whipple Erin Andrews Williams 5-9 9-5 9-3 9-2

3 Caite Warner Minoo Fadaifard Brown 9-5 9-7 9-0

4 Arianna Kourides Charlotte Steel Brown 9-5 9-5 9-4

5 Clair Hsu Breck Haynes Brown 9-6 3-9 9-3 10-8

6 Lizzie Reifenhieser Zarah Rahman Williams 9-3 9-0 4-9 9-5

7 Holly Houghton Katie Lew Williams 9-1 7-9 10-8 9-4

8 Allie Rottkamp Jenn Neff Brown 3-9 9-5 9-3 9-4

9 Emily Gladden Nathalie Pierrepont Brown 9-0 9-5 9-0 --