#9 Bears Fall To #5 Yale and #6 Cornell

#9 Bears Fall To #5 Yale and #6 Cornell

Feb. 10, 2009

Ithaca, NY - Coach Stuart leGassick's Brown women's squash team moved into ninth place in the national rankings this week, but were unable to overcome two strong Ivy foes, falling on the road to fifth-ranked Yale, 9-0, and sixth ranked Cornell, 9-0.

Brown senior Charlotte MacMillan put up a strong fight against Cornell at number eight, building a 2-0 advantage in games before losing in five games, 5-9, 1-9, 9-7, 9-7, 9-0.

Against Yale, junior Sarah Roberts also pushed her match to five games at number nine, before succumbing, 7-9, 9-4, 9-0, 7-9 and 9-0.

The Bears return home for their final home match of the season on Tuesday, February 10 vs. Tufts, starting at 5:00 p.m.

Brown Women's Squash vs. Cornell
Cornell 9, Brown 0
1WS     Paranjpe,Shivangi (C) def.  Steel,Charlotte, 9-2,9-3,10-8
2WS     Hazell,Rebecca (C) def.   Haynes,Letitia, 9-1,9-6,9-2
3WS     Gemmell,Jennifer (C) def.  Pyne,Laura, 9-4,9-0,9-0
4WS     Stokes,Liza (C) def.  Scherl,Sophie, 9-2,9-3,9-4
5WS     Cornett,Alexandra (C) def.  Fadaifard,Nikoo, 9-7,9-2,9-3
6WS     Sachvie,Lauren (C) def.  Schellenberg,Kali, 9-0,9-0,9-3
7WS     Wagner,Rachel (C) def.  Tilney,Carolyn, 9-5,9-4,9-0
8WS     Ritter,Anne (C) def.  MacMillan,Charlotte, 5-9,1-9,9-7,9-7,9-0
9WS     Berner,Clare (C) def.  Roberts,Sarah, 9-6,9-0,9-4
10WS    Spyrou,Isabella (C) def.  Driansky,Leila, 9-3,9-0,9-1

Brown Women's Squash vs. Yale Yale 9, Brown 0 1WS Greer,Logan (Y) def. Steel,Charlotte, 9-3,9-6,10-8 2WS Toomey,Sarah (Y) def. Haynes,Letitia, 9-2,9-1,9-6 3WS Aziz,Alia (Y) def. Pyne,Laura, 8-10,9-3,9-0,9-3 4WS Nadas,Rhetta (Y) def. Scherl,Sophie, 9-5,9-0,9-4 5WS Reigeluth,Caroline (Y) def. Fadaifard,Nikoo, 9-0,9-7,9-0 6WS Van Arkel,Alexandra (Y) def. Tilney,Carolyn, 9-1,9-4,9-7 7WS Wadhwa,Tara (Y) def. Schellenberg,Kali, 9-0,9-3,9-1 8WS Kerr,Aly (Y) def. MacMillan,Charlotte, 9-5,9-0,9-3 9WS Ettinger,Katharine (Y) def. Roberts,Sarah 7-9,9-4,9-0,7-9,9-0 10WS Vinci,Kaitlin (Y) def. Driansky,Leila, 6-9,9-1,6-9,9-6,9-4