Women's Soccer Europe 2003, Days 9, 10, 11, and 12

Women's Soccer Europe 2003, Days 9, 10, 11, and 12

Aug. 26, 2003

The Bears awoke early on Friday, August 22, and had a 7:00 AM breakfast, before heading to Murano Island on a private boat. At Murano Island, the Bears enjoyed a presentation at the Venetian glass factories and shopping through the main showroom. The team then headed over to San Marco Square in Venice, via the boat, where the players had time for lunch and freetime. It was over100° in Venice that day.

They then were off to the Italian Mountains for a pre-game dinner at Hotel Adelle in Boca, before Game 5 against Bardolino (Italian Federation Club Champions), which was played at 9:00 PM before 750 soccer fans including Robin Averbeck's sister, who was in Italy. The Bears played a great match, but suffered their first loss, 1-0, in an 80-minute match. The team had a long bus ride back to the hotel and got in at 3:00 AM.

On Saturday, August 23, the Bears awoke at 9:00 and checked out of Hotel Como. The players had time to go to the large flea market and eat lunch in the downtown area, before heading for Game 6 vs. Como2000 in the village of Lanzo. They traveled through the mountains of Italy again for the 3:30 PM game against a strong opponent on a 60x105 field, which made the game a physical battle all over the field in 95° weather. The Bears fought hard, and came away with a 0-0 tie.

After the match they headed back to downtown Como for a nice Italian dinner, and then went off to Modena. This was probably the first bus ride where the team was not sleeping. Showtunes were sung for three straight hours, before checking into the Holiday Inn Hotel.

On Sunday, August 24, the Bears were up early for a 7:00 AM breakfast and then were off to their final match against Agliani in Fanano. Kick off was at 10:00 AM, with a game-time temperature of 102°, which proved to be a great test for the Brown team. The Bears played a great match and came away with another scoreless tie. The last three opponents had just finished two weeks of training prior to our matches. They were all waiting fresh to meet the Brown bears. Browns final record on the 2003 European trip was 3-1-3.

They then headed off to Pisa for a guided tour and shopping. Their tour was excellent with talks on the tower, cathedral and city of Pisa. They got back on the bus and went off to Montropole hotel in Montecatini for an 8:30 PM team dinner and free time in the evening.

On Monday, August 25, the team left Montecatini at 9:30 AM and went to Florence for a guided tour and freetime. They then enjoyed a farewell dinner at 6:00 PM, and traveled to the airport for a 10:15 PM flight back to London. After one night in London they head back to the USA on Tuesday afternoon. Brown is expected to arrive at Boston's Logan airport at 4:40 PM on Tuesday, August 26.

FROM Phil Pincince:

I would like to close with the following:

On behalf of the Brown Women's soccer program, I would like to thank Dave Roach (Athletic Director) for approving this European trip, and all who helped out in the athletic department prior to our departure on August 13th.

I would also like to thank Ron Dalgliesh, Executive Director of the Brown Sports Foundation, along with Gordon, Craig, Nicole and Kelly for all the help with the fund raising effort.

Thanks to Jeanne Carhart who took care of the web page and made it possible for family and friends to follow the Brown Bears on the European trip 2003.

And, last but not least, all former players, parents, and friends of women's soccer who made donations to make this trip possible. Without your help, this trip would not have been made a reality. A Million Thank Yous.

The players' educational and soccer experience was the most memorable time a team could have. They will cherish this European Trip 2003 for a lifetime just like all the others players who made a similar trip while playing soccer at Brown.

I hope you will all get to see Brown in its season opener on Friday, Sept 5 at home vs Vermont at 7:00 PM.