Bunting Sisters of Wellesley Continue Family Lacrosse Legacy

Bunting Sisters of Wellesley Continue Family Lacrosse Legacy

by Marvin Pave (Globe Correspondent)

Their 86-year-old grandfather, Lloyd Bunting Jr., was a four-time All-American at Johns Hopkins University, and was inducted to the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1975.

Their father, Lloyd III, taught Caroline and Abby Bunting the fundamentals of the sport he had played at Brown University, using the front yard of their Wellesley home as a practice field. He would referee their one-on-one battles, and challenge each to complete as many passes as possible to him in a one-minute drill.

Since then, their lacrosse net has been given to neighbors, and their beloved golden retriever, Cinnamon, who after chasing down a loose ball was reluctant to give it up, has passed on. The family's long and accomplished connection to the sport, however, thrives.

This spring, Caroline is a senior lacrosse captain at the University of Pennsylvania, a perennial Ivy League power and NCAA tournament contender that started the week at 7-4 overall (5-0 Ivy). Caroline will take on her sister's team, Brown (9-4, 2-3), at noon Saturday in Providence.

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