Brown Rowing Awaits Head of the Charles Regatta

Brown Rowing Awaits Head of the Charles Regatta

Oct. 19, 2001

The Brown University rowing team travels to Boston, Massachusetts to compete at the Head of the Charles Regatta Saturday, October 20 at 12:30pm, with the competition continuing on Sunday at 8:00am. Information and immediate results can be found at the official website of the Head of the Charles Regatta: http// Race times are listed below.

Saturday's Race Schedule EVENT 1W 12:30 Club Eights [Women]

EVENT 2M 12:59 Club Fours [Men]

EVENT 2W 1:22* Club Fours [Women]

EVENT 3M 1:56 Club Singles [Men]

EVENT 3W 2:10* Club Singles [Women]

EVENT 4M 2:31 Master Doubles [Men]

EVENT 4W 2:42* Master Doubles [Women]

EVENT 5M 3:07 Club Eights [Men]

EVENT 6M 3:35 Championship Singles [Men]

EVENT 6W 3:47* Championship Singles [Women]

Sunday's Race Schedule EVENT 7M 8:00 Senior Veteran Singles [Men]

EVENT 7W 8:00* Senior Veteran Singles [Women]

EVENT 8M 8:23 Veteran Singles [Men]

EVENT 8W 8:40* Veteran Singles [Women]

EVENT 9M 9:02 Youth Fours [Men]

EVENT 9W 9:16* Youth Fours [Women]

EVENT 10M 9:41 Grand Master Singles [Men]

EVENT 10W 9:58* Grand Master Singles [Women]

EVENT 11M 10:23 Youth Eights [Men]

EVENT 11W 10:41* Youth Eights [Women]

EVENT 12M 11:06 Master Fours [Men]

EVENT 12W 11:20* Master Fours [Women]

EVENT 13M 11:40 Senior Master Singles [Men]

EVENT 13W 11:58* Senior Master Singles [Women]

EVENT 14M 12:18 Master Eights [Men]

EVENT 14W 12:32* Master Eights [Women]

EVENT 15M 12:48 Master Singles [Men]

EVENT 15W 12:58* Master Singles [Women]

EVENT 16M 1:17 Lightweight Fours [Men]

EVENT 16W 1:27* Lightweight Fours [Women]

EVENT 17M 1:42 Lightweight Singles [Men]

EVENT 17W 1:52* Lightweight Singles [Women]

EVENT 18M 2:07 Lightweight Eights [Men]

EVENT 18W 2:17* Lightweight Eights [Women]

EVENT 19M 2:34 Championship Doubles [Men]

EVENT 19W 2:46* Championship Doubles [Women]

EVENT 20M 3:02 Championship Fours [Men]

EVENT 20W 3:16* Championship Fours [Women]

EVENT 21M 3:39 Championship Eights [Men]

EVENT 21W 3:54* Championship Eights [Women]

POST RACE CharlesSchwab Sprint Challenge