Women's Crew Update - Henley 2007

Women's Crew Update - Henley 2007

July 6, 2007

Henley, England -

Dear All,

For those of you who were able to make the trip over for HWR you will be amused to hear that the weather has not improved one whit and it continues to rain every day with the mud worse than it was last week and the temps as cold or colder!! Despite the weather the 1V8 that has stayed on to train for HRR remains in good spirits and they are doing their best to ignore the rain and wind and mud as they prepare to race.

Racing for us begins on friday and we have drawn Thames RC. If we beat Thames RC on friday we will race the German National team on saturday. We do not know too much about Thames RC but we have seen them in practice and feel that we can beat them--as for the German National team they have not showed up yet--maybe they will be put off by the weather and decide to scratch!!

All the news here is that the currents are stronger and faster than usual on the Thames River and consequently we anticipate long races and slow times. In fact for the first time in the history of this regatta the timing stations will not be going up because the current is too strong for the regatta work force to erect them.

The fast currents and high water are not surprising as it has rained here every day--no exaggeration--since we arrived on June 19th!! In fact John has taken to reciting Kipling on our daily treks to practice: " I am sick o wastin' leather on these gritty pavin' stones an' the blasted Henglish drizzle wakes the fever in my bones. " Fortunately the girls are still young and resilent so for them the rainy walks to and from practice have been what we can call character building!!

In case you missed our last update racing at the HWR ended on a great note with the 1V8 winning the Council CupTrophy. The 2V8 and two fours also rowed hard and aggressively to complete their exceptional seasons. The many parents and alums in attendence did not let the challanging weather conditions dampen their spirits and our fan contingent was by far the loudest and the most spirited. You could hear the cheering blasting out from under umbrellas all along the course.

We anticipate having another great turnout of fans at the upcoming HRR and just a bit of advice for those of you still packing--don't forget your rain gear!!

All the Best,

John and Phoebe

Editor's Note: Brown opened the Henley Royal Regatta with a five lenght victory over Thames R.C. in the Remington Challenge Cup.