Women's Crew Sweeps Boston U. on the Charles River

Women's Crew Sweeps Boston U. on the Charles River

April 19, 2003

Boston, Mass. -

The eight-ranked Brown women's crew swept Boston University on the Charles River Saturday morning, outdistancing the Huskies by a 10-second margin in the first varsity race.

The two varsity boats got off to a good start on the relatively flat waters of the Charles, and were virtually even in the first 700 to 800 meters. The Bears accelerated at the 800 meters mark, and pulled out to a large lead before coasting to the victory.

Brown, the defending National Champions who are ranked second in the region, rowed in a strong 6:28.27, while the Terriers rowed in 6:38.86.

Brown dominated the morning competition as the Bears won the second varsity, first novice, and varsity four races, as well.

In the second varsity, Brown was clocked in 6:34.31 to the Terriers' 6:59.49. In the first novice race, Brown pulled away with a 26-second win, 6:40.67 to 7:06.89. Finally, in the varsity four race, the Brown "A" boat rowed in 7:24.94 to B.U.'s 7:42.48.

April 19, 2003 on The Charles
First Varsity: 	1.) Brown, 6:28.27;
2.) Boston University, 6:38.86
Second Varsity: 	1.) Brown, 6:34.31;
2.) Boston University, 6:59.49
First Novice:	1.) Brown, 6:40.67;
2.) Boston University, 7:06.89
Varsity 4	 	1.) Brown, 7:24.94;
2.) Boston University, 7:42.48