Women's Crew Rolls Over Rutgers

Women's Crew Rolls Over Rutgers

April 13, 2002

PROVIDENCE - Brown women's crews hardly broke a sweat in their Saturday races against an undermanned Rutgers squad on the Seekonk, winning every race by seven lengths or more in good rowing conditions.

All the races were run against an incoming tide and a 5-8 mile-an-hour headwind.

The pattern was the same in all the races. Brown crews got off in front at the start and steadily rowed away from their opponents. There was a restart in the first novice race but otherwise there were no problems.

"Our crews all rowed smoothly and handled it well,'' head coach John Murphy said, referring to the water conditions. "They did a good job of keeping their minds on their work.''

Murphy is expecting his varsity to be ranked No. 1 when next week's polls come out, but he is expecting tough opposition from perennially strong Boston University next Saturday afternoon on the Seekonk.

The times: Second novice eights: Brown 8:11.7, Rutgers, 8:36.6. First novice eights: Brown, 7:21.1, Rutgers, 8:02.4. Second varsity eights: Brown, 7:21.3, Rutgers, 8:00.3. Varsity eights: Brown, 6:52.4, Rutgers, 7:33.1