Women's Crew Rows Past Radcliffe

Women's Crew Rows Past Radcliffe

April 7, 2002

PROVIDENCE, RI -- The beat rolls on for Brown women's crew.

With five new people in the boat from last year, including sophomores at the vital coxswain and stroke positions, the Brown women's varsity won its second straight impressive victory in the 2002 season, beating a physically larger Radcliffe crew by 7.9 seconds on the Seekonk River Saturday afternoon.

"Radcliffe has an excellent team, so I'm happy with the results and proud of my team,'' head coach John Murphy said.

The race was close for the first 400 meters, but then Brown started pulling out, getting most of its final margin in the last 400 meters.

"I was really pleased at the varsity's effort,'' head coach John Murphy said. "Radcliffe has some really good people and great coaching. Their No. 7 was on the national team last summer.''

"I think we handled the water better,'' said Murphy. That's not surprising considering all the rough-water practice time Brown crews usually get.

"We were lucky,'' said Murphy. "Five or 10 minutes before the race started there were some bigger rollers with whitecaps in the starting area, but then it calmed down just a little bit.''

Brown won the second varsity and second novice fours races by equally large margins. Radlciffe won close races in first novice eightrs and third varsity fours.

The Brown women will return to action next Saturday in a home regatta with Rutgers on the Seekonk.

The times: Third varsity fours: won by Radcliffe, Brown A, 12.6 seconds back, Brown B five seconds back, Radcliffe B 12 seconds back. Second-varsity eights: Brown, 7:03.2, Radcliffe, 7:10.7. Second novice fours: Brown A, 8:07.3, Radcliffe, 8:18.4, Brown B, 8:44. First novice eights: Radcliffe, 6:51.8, Brown, 6:55.3. Varsity eights, Brown, 6:30.7, Radcliffe, 6:38.6