Brown Women's Crew Defeats Radcliffe

Brown Women's Crew Defeats Radcliffe

April 5, 2008

Providence, RI - The Brown women's crew won all five races on Saturday morning against Radcliffe at the Narragansett Boat Club. Picking up wins were the varsity eight, the second varsity eight, novice right, varsity four "A" and the varsity four "B".

The varsity eight started off the morning with Bruno's first victory, followed by the first novice eight with a 6:23.0 - 6:23.6 win. The second varsity earned Bruno's second win of the day, earning a 6:06.74 to Radcliffe's 6:09.74.

Up next was the varsity four "B" race, as Brown earned a convincing 7:10.26 for first. Radcliffe "A" placed second (7:27.55), and Radcliffe "B" came in third (7:47.14)

Last was the varsity four "A" race, where Bruno's "B" crew secured the victory with a 6:56.54. Following behind was Brown "A" with a 7:00.79, as Radcliffe earned third with a 7:14.56, and Brown "C" finished with a 7:24.11.

The Bears will now host Rutgers on Saturday, April 12, and will then travel to Boston University on Saturday, April 19, to take on the Terriers, Texas and Gonzaga.

Varsity Eight:
Radcliffe: +4 seats

Second Varsity Eight:
Brown: 6:06.74
Radcliffe: 6:09.74

First Novice Eight:
Brown: 6:23.0
Radcliffe: 6:23.6

Varsity Four A:
Brown: 6:56.54
Brown A: 7:00.79
Radcliffe: 7:14.56
Brown C: 7:24.11

Varsity Four B:
Brown: 7:10.26
Radcliffe A: 7:27.55
Radcliffe B: 7:47.14