Brown Dominates Four of Five Races Against Princeton and Ohio State

Brown Dominates Four of Five Races Against Princeton and Ohio State

March 26, 2007

Princeton, NJ - The Brown women's crew dominated both No. 1 ranked Princeton and 6th ranked Ohio State on Saturday afternoon. The Bears, who were ranked fifth, turned in strong all-around performances as they placed first in four of the five races.

Both varsity eights had strong performances, as the first eight finished with a 6:52.8, as Ohio State followed behind at 6:57.4 and Princeton finished in third with a 6:59.9. The second varsity eight also placed first with a time of 7:09.7, followed by Ohio State's 7:12.5 and Princeton's 7:20.2.

Princeton was able to come out on top in the varsity four race, as the Tigers crossed the finish line in 8:05.8. Brown followed in second at 8:15.8 and Ohio State finished at 8:19.7.

The Bears controlled the novice fours, as both Brown teams placed first and second. The first came in at 7:35.2 and the second at 7:41.5. Princeton crossed the line at 7:56.6 and two Ohio State teams took the fourth and fifth place slots.

In the third varsity "B" fours, Brown came in first at 8:01.1 and Princeton followed at 8:10.9.

Up next, the Bears will travel to Radcliffe on Saturday, March 31.

Varsity Eight:
Brown - 6:52.8
Ohio State - 6:57.4
Princeton - 6:59.9

Second Varsity Eight:
Brown - 7:09.7
Ohio State - 7:12.5
Princeton - 7:20.2

Varsity Four:
Princeton - 8:05.8
Brown - 8:15.8
Ohio State - 8:19.7

Novice Four:
Brown - 7:35.2
Brown - 7:41.5
Princeton - 7:56.6
Ohio State - 8:02.0
Ohio State - 8:15.7

Third Varsity Eight "B":
Brown - 8:01.1
Princeton - 8:10.9