No. 1 Women’s Crew Wins Team Trophy, Second Varsity Eight at Ivy Championship

No. 1 Women’s Crew Wins Team Trophy, Second Varsity Eight at Ivy Championship

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PRINCETON, N.J. – No. 1 Brown University women's crew won the team point trophy for the third straight year and captured the second varsity eight for the fourth consecutive season at the 2016 Ivy League Women's Rowing Championship on Sunday morning at Lake Carnegie.

The Bears totaled 83 points to win the team trophy, edging Princeton (80), Yale (65), Radcliffe (50), Penn (46), Dartmouth (28), Columbia (24), and Cornell (22).

"I thought there was some really great rowing, and we'll be back in two weeks. We've got some options," head coach John Murphy said. "Great job Princeton – I've got to hand it to them. They really stepped up."

Brown took victories in the second varsity eight, B varsity four, and C varsity four while finishing in second in the first varsity eight and third varsity eight, and third in the A varsity four. The members of the first varsity eight will earn Second Team All-Ivy for their placement.

"The team points trophy is absolutely huge because it shows our depth," 1V8 coxswain Isabel Runge said. "Depth is something that we work on all year round. We're constantly emphasizing how important that is. That is one of our main goals as a team – show depth and win the team points trophy."

Princeton took the first varsity eight – which decides the conference title and the league's automatic qualifier to the NCAA Championships – to win the Sally P. Shoemaker Trophy.

Brown will now look for an at-large bid to the NCAA Championships, which will take place at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center in Gold River, Calif., from May 27-29 with the Pac-12 Conference acting as the host. The NCAA will air the selection show for the event on Tuesday, May 17 at 5 p.m. on The Bears stand as one of three schools, with Princeton and Washington, to appear in all previous 19 NCAA Championships.

"The Ivy League is fast. We want the Ivy League to be fast," 2V8 stroke Emma Betuel said, "When we get out to NCAAs and see other conferences, we know that we've been tested. That's how we're going to compete when it gets be even larger than this."

The Bears won the second varsity eight and B varsity four for the fourth straight year. Brown's second varsity eight improved to 19-0 on the year with wins in the heats and finals. For the day, the Bears finished with a 30-4 overall record.

Brown's first varsity eight finished second in its grand final with a time of 6:31.588, clocking in 3.549 seconds behind first-place Princeton (6:28.039). The Bears finished over 10 seconds ahead of Yale (6:41.745) and over 22 seconds ahead of Penn (6:50.281).

"It's always exciting to have close and competitive racing," 1V8 bow Lucia Petty said. "That was a good experience for us. I think that we're really happy with the team points trophy. It was a full team effort from every single person on this team."

The Bears' second varsity eight won the grand final for the fourth year in a row with a time of 6:31.877 defeating Princeton by two seats and 0.889 seconds. The Bears also topped Yale (6:37.392) by over five seconds and Radcliffe (7:00.339) by over 28 seconds.

Bruno's A varsity four came in third place in a photo finish with a time of 7:28.843. The Bears trailed Yale (7:26.633) by 2.210 seconds and Princeton (7:28.782) by 0.061 seconds. Brown topped Radcliffe (7:36.609) by just under eight seconds.

Brown won the B varsity four for the fourth consecutive year with a time of 7:32.869, topping Princeton (7:34.652) by 1.783 seconds, Radcliffe (7:37.326) by just under five seconds, and Columbia (7:58.479) by close to 26 seconds.

The third varsity eight placed second with a time of 7:02.948, finishing 5.487 seconds behind Yale (6:57.461). Brown beat Princeton (7:08.154) by over five seconds and Radcliffe's 4V (7:45.720) by close to 43 seconds.

The Bears captured the C varsity four final behind a time of 8:03.850, crossing the finish over six seconds ahead of Penn (8:09.997), almost 12 seconds ahead of Cornell (8:15.497), and 15 seconds ahead of Columbia (8:18.850).

"We won the team points trophy because of our last boat – the C varsity four," Betuel said. "That's a product of people who aren't necessarily going to go to the national championship, pushing themselves and taking pride in their effort."

Heats Recap

Brown won all six of its heats to open the day and advanced all six of its boats to the grand finals. The Bears compiled a 16-0 record over the six races.

In the first heat of the day, Brown's first varsity eight won its race with a time of 6:25.938, edging Penn (6:30.380) by over four seconds, Radcliffe (6:33.822) by over seven seconds, and Columbia (6:43.648) by over 17 seconds.

The Bears' second varsity eight won its heat with a time of 6:38.347, outdistancing Radcliffe (6:42.618) by over four seconds, Penn (6:46.081) by close to eight seconds, and Columbia (7:14.060) by close to 36 seconds.

Brown's A varsity four took its heat behind a time of 7:26.619, topping Radcliffe (7:29.067) by close to 2.5 seconds, Dartmouth (7:40.080) by almost 14 seconds, and Columbia (7:56.539) by almost 30 seconds.

Bruno's B varsity four clocked in with a time of 7:41.903 to take first, just under five seconds ahead of Columbia (7:46.634) and just under 10 seconds ahead of Cornell (7:51.732).

The third varsity eight claimed its heat with a time of 7:07.186, defeating Radcliffe's 4V (7:14.662) by over seven seconds, Dartmouth (7:17.725) by over 10 seconds, and Cornell (7:21.269) by over 14 seconds.

In the final heat of the day for Brown, the C varsity four captured its race behind a time 7:59.189, besting Columbia (8:05.139) by close to six seconds and Princeton (8:19.126) by close to 20 seconds. 

Brown Schedule/Results (30-4)
Heats (16-0)
6:00 a.m. – First Varsity Eight – Heat 1, Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 6:25.938
6:20 a.m. – Second Varsity Eight – Heat 1, Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 6:38.347
6:40 a.m. – A Varsity Four – Heat 1, Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 7:26.619
7:00 a.m. – B Varsity Four – Heat 1, Lane 1 – First Place (2-0) – 7:41.903
7:30 a.m. – Third Varsity Eight – Heat 2, Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 7:07.186
7:40 a.m. – C Varsity Four – Heat 1, Lane 1 – First Place (2-0) – 7:59.189

Grand Finals (14-4)
8:50 a.m. – First Varsity Eight – Lane 1 – Second Place (2-1) – 6:31.588
9:00 a.m. – Second Varsity Eight – Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 6:31.877
9:10 a.m. – A Varsity Four – Lane 1 – Third Place (1-2) – 7:28.843
9:20 a.m. – B Varsity Four – Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 7:32.869
9:30 a.m. – Third Varsity Eight – Lane 2 – Second Place (2-1) – 7:02.948
9:40 a.m. – C Varsity Four – Lane 1 – First Place (3-0) – 8:03.850 

Team Point Standings
1. Brown – 83
2. Princeton – 80
3. Yale – 65
4. Radcliffe – 50
5. Penn –46
6. Dartmouth – 28
7. Columbia – 24
8. Cornell – 22

Boat Lineups