#13 Brown Opens 2013 Spring Racing Season at #3 Princeton with #6 Ohio State

#13 Brown Opens 2013 Spring Racing Season at #3 Princeton with #6 Ohio State


PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY – The 13th-ranked Brown women's crew team opened its 2013 spring racing season this morning, competing for the Class of 1987 Trophy with the #3 Princeton Tigers. The #6 Ohio State Buckeyes also joined the 2,000 meter race, which was held on Carnegie Lake in windy conditions, creating a highly competitive field.

The Tigers retained the 1987 Trophy, winning the varsity eight with a time of 6:40.7, while the Bears raced to a third place finish, crossing the line at 6:44.5, just seven-tenths behind the Buckeyes. Brown also took third in the second varsity eight, turning in a time of 7:09.6. Ohio State finished first in 6:51.4, while Princeton took the second spot in 6:56.5.

In their strongest race of the day, the Bears claimed the title in the varsity four, winning with a time of 7:52.9, five seconds ahead of the closest boat. Ohio State was second in 7:57.8 and Princeton completed the course in 7:58.9 to take third.

Princeton led the way in the third varsity race, finishing in 7:10.7, exactly eight seconds ahead of the Brown boat. Princeton's fourth varsity boat was well behind, turning in a time of 7:34.4, and the Ohio State freshmen finished fourth in 7:45.3.

In the final race of the day, the 'B' varsity four, the Tigers earned their third win of the day, clocking in at 7:50.5, while the Bears claimed third, racing to a time of 8:26.6. The Buckeyes took the middle spot, finishing at 8:00.3.

Brown will race again on Saturday, April 6 when the crew heads to Cambridge, Massachusetts to compete against Radcliffe.


Class of 1987 Trophy:

Varsity Eight

Princeton 6:40.7
Ohio State 6:43.8
Brown 6:44.5

Second Varsity
Ohio State 6:51.4
Princeton 6:56.5
Brown 7:09.6

Varsity Four
Brown 7:52.9
Ohio State 7:57.8
Princeton 7:58.9

Third Varsity
Princeton 7:10.7
Brown 7:18.7
Princeton 4V 7:34.4
Ohio State (frosh) 7:45.3

Varsity Four 'B'
Princeton 7:50.5
Ohio State 8:00.3
Brown 8:26.6