Men's Squash Sweeps Bowdoin and Colby

Men's Squash Sweeps Bowdoin and Colby

Jan. 27, 2004

The Brown Men's Squash team traveled to Maine to battle Bowdoin and Colby, ranked 15th and 18th in the nation, respectively. Competing with a team plagued by injuries, Brown was forced to play Bowdoin with 9, and Colby with only 8 players.

Brown fought through a number of tough matches to earn a hard fought 7-2 win over Bowdoin. Dan Petrie, playing number two, was able to put his opponent away in three straight games.

By the second contest against Colby, just 30 minutes after closing out the match with Bowdoin, Brown was drained. Despite a slow start, the Bears swept the match in convincing fashion.

Breck Bailey, Dan Petrie, Jacob Beidler, Gavin Watson, Brian Rifkin and Aaron Rosenthal all won their matches by scores of 3-0.

Bruno is now 4-4 on the year, and is back in action at home Friday at 7:00 p.m., in a crucial match against Williams.

Brown v. Bowdoin

1. Breck Bailey, Brown,  def. Clement, Bowdoin, 3-1
2. Dan Petrie, Brown,  def. Crowell, Bowdoin, 3-0
3. Dresher, Bowdoin, def. Sean O'Boyle, Brown, 3-2
4. David Krupnick, Brown, def. Saltzman, Bowdoin, 3-1
5. Patrick Haynes, Brown, def. Fensterstock, Bowdoin, 3-1
6. Jacob Beidler, Brown, def. Metcalf, Bowdoin 3-1
7. Gavin Watson, Brown, def. Toan, Bowdoin 3-2
8. Brian Rifkin, Brown, def. Linhart, Bowdoin, 3-1
9. Adams, Bowdoin, def. Aaron Rosenthal, Brown 3-1

Brown v. Colby

1. Bailey, Brown, def. McWilliams, Colby, 3-0 2. Petrie, Brown, def. Phelan, Colby, 3-0 3. Krupnick, Brown, def. Basnight, Colby 3-1 4. Haynes, Brown, def. Weeks, Colby, 3-2 5. Beidler, Brown, def. Carr, Colby, 3-0 6. Watson, Brown, def. Holcomb, Colby, 3-0 7. Rifkin, Brown, def. Stone, Colby, 3-0 8. Rosenthal, Brown, def Moreland, Colby, 3-0