#14 Bears Fall To #1 Trinity, Beat Connecticut College

#14 Bears Fall To #1 Trinity, Beat Connecticut College

Jan. 16, 2009

Providence, Rhode Island - The Trinity College men's squash team came to the Pizzitola Sports Center undefeated and ranked number one in the nation. Coach Stuart leGassick's Brown team put up a strong fight before succumbing to the Bantams, 9-0. leGassick's squad came back in the evening match against Connecticut College, earning an 8-1 win.

Against Trinity, the most exciting match of the day came at number six where Bears' sophomore Evan Besser gave the Bantams' Daniel Echavarria all he could handle. After dropping the first game, 9-6, Besser came back to even the match with a 9-3 win, before dropping the last two games by identical 9-6 scores.

The Bears dominated Connecticut College for their first win of the season, capturing each match by a 3-0 margin.

Sophomore Ben Clayman set the pace for the Bears with a solid victory at number two, while at number three, freshman Brad Thompson allowed just one point to be scored against him all day.

Men's Squash, 1-15-09
Pizzitola Sports Center

Trinity 9, Brown 0 1. Baset Chaudhry (T) def. Adrian Leanza (B), 2,0,0 2. Manek Mathur (T) def. Benjamin Clayman (B), 3, 8, 1 3. Parth Sharma (T) def. Adam Greenberg (B), 1,0,2 4. Andres Vargas (T) def. Brad Thompson (B), 0,0,6 5. Rushabh Vora (T) def. Patrick Davis (B), 5, 2, 5 6. Daniel Echavarria (T) def. def. Evan Besser (B), 6, (9), 6, 6 7. Vikran Malhottra (T) def. Alex Heitzmann (B), 3, 4, 1 8. Charles Tashjian (T) def. Tucker Bryan (B), 0, 1, 0 9. George DiSesa (T) def. Brett Camarda (B), 4, 2, 1 10. William Burchfield (T) def. Jacob Winkler (B), (9), 4, 3, 4

Brown 8, Connecticut College 1 1. A. Diaz-Gonzaled (C) won over Adrian Leanza (B), injury default 2. Ben Clayman (B) def. W. Moger (C), 6,0,3 3. Adam Greenberg (B) def. T. Stillwell (C), 4,2,1 4. Brad Thompson (B) def. J. Wing (C), 0,0,1 5. Patrick Davis (B) def. Bill Bradley (C), 3,4,0 6. Evan Besser (B) def. J. Markson (C), 0,7,0 7. Alex Heitzmann (B) def. H. Siegel (C), 7,4,3 8. Tucker Bryan (B) def. L. Stanton (C), 4,0,0 9. Brett Camarda (B) def. J. Gray (C), 0,2,0 10. Rahul Nene (B) def. def. M. Knetchtel (C), 0,0,0