Vokes in tune with what Devils need from him

Vokes in tune with what Devils need from him

By Lindsay Kramer - NHL.com Correspondent

It's always easy to tell when Trenton rookie forward Matt Vokes is sitting in the DJ's chair in the Devils locker room.

Strands of old rock like U2, The Who or Bruce Springsteen blow out the door and grab the listener by the throat.

"He knows his music," Devils coach Rick Kowalsky said with admiration.

Well, that brings the number of people who hold that opinion -- Vokes and Kowalsky -- to two. Beyond that, the player who has been driving the beat of the Devils' offense the past few weeks is shunned as out of tune with the times. His teammates, who prefer music created after they were, usually box out Vokes from anywhere near the CD player.

Even goals carry no currency in this area. Vokes scored four times against Wheeling on Feb. 21, yet after that game was kept away from the controls.

"It's tough as a rookie. You want to play songs, you want to enlighten them," Vokes said. "It's tough to get air time. It's like I'm a pirate radio station in the 1970s."

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Pictured: Matt Vokes ’09. Photo by Guy Argenzio/Trenton Devils.