Phil Estes

Head Coach

Phone: 401/863-2424

Abbott Burrell

Assistant Head Coach - Safeties

Phone: 401/863-3845

Recruiting Areas: AK, KS, Eastern OH, Western PA, Houston Area, WY

Kevin Decker

Offensive Coordinator - Quarterbacks

Phone: 401/863-9519

Recruiting Areas: CO, ID, MN, MT, ND, Western OH, SD, Austin/San Antonio Area

Michael Kelleher

Defensive Coordinator - Defensive Backs

Phone: 401/863-3840

Recruiting Areas: Northern CA, Eastern FL, NV, UT

Neil McGrath

Assistant Coach - Linebackers

Phone: 401/863-3841

Recruiting Areas: AL, AR, CT, Western FL, LA, Western MA, MS

Jordan Softcheck

Recruiting Coordinator/ Wide Receivers

Phone: 401/863-3842

Recruiting Areas: HI, IA, IN, North and Central NJ, NE, OK, OR, Dallas Area, WA, JC's

Dempsey Quinn

Assistant Coach - Tight Ends

Phone: 401/863-9062

Recruiting Areas: Southern Cal, IL, MI, MO, WI, Upstate NY

Chris Zarkoskie

Assistant Coach - Offensive Line

Scott Cordischi

Director of Football Operations

Phone: 401/863-2408

Clayton McGrath

Assistant Coach - Defensive Line

Chris Setian

Assistant Coach - Running Backs