Championship Teams

Championship Teams


Four-Time Ivy League Champions

The Brown Football Team has won the Ivy League Championships four times in its history, including three times between 1999 and 2009.

1976 Ivy League Championship Team

1999 Ivy League Championship Team

2005 Ivy League Championship Team

2008 Ivy League Championship Team


Brown in First Rose Bowl - 1916

Since the late 1940s, Rose Bowl participants have been representatives of the Pacific 10 and Big Ten Conferences. It has not always been so, however. It was under Edward North Robinson, class of 1896, and for many years head coach, that Brown journeyed westward in 1915 to play in the first annual Tournament of Roses game at Pasadena, California.

The Bruins were chose as the Eastern representatives after posting a 5-3-1 mark. Those losses came via a 7-0 setback to Amherst and a 6-0 loss to Syracuse, a 16-7 loss to Harvard and a scoreless game with Trinity. Brown outscored its opponents 167-32 that year, defeating URI, 38-0; Williams, 33-0; Vermont, 46-0; Yale, 3-0; and much heralded Carlisle, 39-3.

In that inaugural game, played January 1, 1916, Brown, with its brilliant Fritz Pollard, was opposed by the powerful team of Washington State. It came up mud on that day memorialized in Brown gridiron history, and Pollard was unable to cut loose as he had been accustomed to do on Eastern gridirons. WSU won, 14-0, but to Brown will always belong the distinction of having been the first Eastern team to play in the Rose Bowl.

Brown's starting line-up: John C. Butler, le; Ramond B. War, lt; Edgar J. "Spike" Staff, lg; W. Kenneth Sprague, c; William Wallace Wade, rg; Mark Farnum, rt; Josh Weeks, re; Clair Purdy, qb; Frederick "Fritz" Pollard, lhb; Campt. Harold P. "Buzz" Andrews, rhb; Harold G. Saxton, fb.


The 1926 Iron Men of Brown

The only undefeated team in Brown history, the 1926 team earned even greater fame as the "Iron Men," so called because the starting 11 played 60 minutes without substitution on consecutive weeks against Yale and Dartmouth, and well into the fourth quarter against Harvard two weeks later. They lost their chance for an undefeated-untied season in the last game when Colgate earned a 10-10 deadlock. The team was ranked among the top nationally. Its members were Captain Hal Broda and Thurston Towle, ends; Ed Kevorkian and Paul Hodge, tackles; Lou Farber and Orland Smith, guards; Charles Consodine, center; Red Randall, quarterback; Dave Mishel and Ed Lawrence, halfbacks; and Al Cornsweet, fullback.