Brown Men's Rowing Edges Dartmouth On Saturday Morning

Brown Men's Rowing Edges Dartmouth On Saturday Morning
Brown has not lost the Atalanta Cup Race since 1992, and the Bears maintained that win streak, posting a time of, 5:37.95 to Dartmouth's 5:42.14, giving Brown a sweep of the four races against the Big Green.

Head coach Paul Cooke had his crew primed for a strong first thousand, the weakest part of the varsity's race the two previous weekends. Brown went off at 43strokes a minute, settled to 38, much higher than Dartmouth was rowing. The Bears started moving out when they settled and took a power ten with 500 meters gone, driving their lead up to a full length.

"We knew it was a tailwind so we were shooting for 37 1/2 to 38," varsity coxswain Russ Glenn said. "I think it was a little bit of adrenaline flowing, being up for the first time in three weeks. I thought our first few strokes weren't so good. We were a little shaky, but we made it up when we settled."

Cooke and co-captain Erik Winters, who stroked the boat, agreed the Brown varsity is getting better every week."They're coming along," said Cooke. "They're learning a lot of things. If they can do what they did for the first 1500 meters today and then have a good last 500, they'll be tough to beat. "We're learning new things all the time," said Winters. "With such a young crew, nobody feels they have all the answers. We all work together. There are no ego flashes and we all realize that every person is responsible."

"Brown looked much more skill," said Dartmouth coach Scott Armstrong, an `86 graduate of Brown. "I didn't expect them to row 39 1/2 to the 500-meter mark. That was really impressive. We're not at that level yet."

The Brown second varsity led by three-quarters of a length in the third quarter of the race. Dartmouth closed to within two seats with 100 meters to go, but the Bears held the Big Green off.

Freshman coach Matt Carlson had his crew rowing with the four and five oarsmen on the same side last week. Yesterday he changed to a straight rig, brought one new man up from the mixed four and saw his oarsmen beat Dartmouth by almost two lengths. All the Brown crews will race at Princeton next Saturday. Then the varsity will join Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge and Victoria, British Columbia in an international regatta at Princeton the following week.

The times:

Mixed fours: Brown, 7:02.18; Dartmouth, 7:07.45.

Freshman eights: Brown, 5:56.2; Dartmouth, 6:01.6.

Second varsity eights: Brown, 5:50:02; Dartmouth , 5:51.46; Brown third varsity, 5:55.3.

Varsity eights: Brown 5:37.95; Dartmouth, 5:42.14