Brown Men's Rowers Fall to Northeastern

April 21, 2002

Saturday's times bear that out. Northeastern raced a second faster than Harvard did in beating Princeton a few minutes earlier and Brown's time was only three tenths of a second slower than Harvard's.

Northeastern , ranked second in the east and fourth nationally, moved out to a six-seat lead at theMass. Ave. bridge. "But we stuck to them after that," said Cooke. "We're rowing a lot better," said Brown's No. 7 man, Constantine Demetracopoulos, one of only three men back from last year's varsity. "We've got a lot of young guys on the team and as soon as we get to rowing as a unit we'll do better still. We don't have the raw power of last year's boat, but we have a closer group of guys.

Brown rowed the body of the race at 35 1/2 to 36 1/2 strokes a minute. Northeastern was able to maintain its lead, rowing at a beat of 34. Coxswain Russ Glenn called Brown's rate of stroking up twice, first to 38 strokes a minute, then to 40 as the crews neared the finish." They rowed hard all the way down the course and they continued rowing well to the end," said Cooke. "We've got to make sure the buys don't get discouraging and keep plugging away. "If we can do that, I think we'll be in good shape."

Cooke switched Mark Peterson and Matt Salzler in the second-varsity boat, moving Peterson to the stroke seat. The revamped lineup rowed a stronger race than it had last weekend against Harvard but was done in by Northeastern's high-powered start. "They got almost a whole length on us right away," said Cooke. "After that was started creeping back but we couldn't quite finish the job."

Brown freshman coach Matt Carlson changed his lineup, moving 6-foot-9 inch Bill Murray and moving his stroke, seven and six oarsmen oneseat forward each. The frosh responded with a seven-seat victory over a Northeastern crew which had been ranked ahead of them in last week's poll.

Carlson said he'd been worried when Northeastern pushed back from a length down to four seats down in the third quarter of the race. He wondered if they'd used up too much striving for a big early lead. But his frosh proved they had something left by pushing their lead back up to its final margin.

The times:

Varsity eights: Northeastern, 5:52.3, Brown, 5:54.2.

Second varsity: Northeastern, 6:01.7, Brown, 6:02.8.

Freshman eights: Brown, 6:10.6, Northeastern, 6:12.2

Second freshman /fourth varsity eights: Brown, 6:52.3, Northeastern , 6:53.5.

Third varsity fours: Brown A, 6:49.8, Brown B, 6:56.1, Northeasternm, 7:07.5.