Princeton Tops Men’s Crew To Take Content Cup

Princeton Tops Men’s Crew To Take Content Cup

PRINCETON, N.J. – In the final race of the regular season before the EARC Eastern Sprints, the sixth-ranked Brown men's crew fell to fifth-ranked Princeton in the battle for the Content Cup Saturday morning on Lake Carnegie.

Despite flat and fair conditions, the buoyed racecourse that Lake Carnegie is known for was washed away in the rainstorms that battered the area on Thursday, but that did not stop the races from taking place.

The first race was between the Brown and Princeton fourth varsity boats. The Bears jumped out of the blocks and opened up an impressive early lead over the Tigers. Brown's lead grew through the middle strokes, and the Bears charged away during the final 1,000 meters, winning the contest by seven seconds in a time of 5:59.

The next race was the third varsity, which began with a tight start from both crews. Brown's 3V went into this race undefeated, but it was apparent that Brown and Princeton were going to have a tight battle all the way down the racecourse. The two teams exchanged blows, but about two minutes into the race, Brown appeared to have landed a powerful punch and began to creep ahead. The Brown 3V continued to creep ahead, until by the halfway mark, when Brown broke free of the Princeton crew, rowing the rest of the race with an open water lead. The Brown crew finished the race in a time of 5:47, with Princeton coming in at 5:51.

In the second varsity race, the Brown JV and the Freshman Eight joined the Princeton JV since the Tigers did not field a novice boat. The beginning of the race was lightning fast, with all three boats neck-and-neck. With the first quarter of the race complete, the Princeton JV began to show slightly more speed and pushed its bow out in front of the Brown JV and the young Brown 1F. By the halfway mark, the Princeton JV had gained a six-seat lead over the Brown JV, with the Brown 1F holding on to a four-seat deficit. The boats pushed on into the second half of the race and the margins continued to develop. In the end the Princeton JV bested the field, winning with a time of 5:40.1, while the Brown JV and Freshman Eight followed in second and third, respectively, in times of 5:44.0 and 5:47.7.

The final event of the day was the Varsity Eight, racing for the Content Cup, a relatively new trophy founded in 1997 when the two crews began racing regularly.  The race started with a blistering series of opening strokes, each boat trying to get the upper hand early in the contest.  The two boats were locked in for almost 400 meters, but the Princeton crew held its speed with a continued onslaught of quick, high cadence strokes to Brown's long, controlled body strokes. Once the smoke cleared, it was apparent that Princeton was going to be the winner of the opening battle. By the quarter mark, the Bears had lost four seats to Princeton, and they did not appear to be finished. The halfway mark saw Princeton breaking open water on the Brown crew. The Bears fought admirably to control the damage during the final 1,000 meters, but by then it was too late to stop the victory from going to Princeton in a time of 5:31.9, while Brown crossed in 5:36.3. 

Brown returns to the water on Sunday, May 18 for the EARC Eastern Sprints on Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass.

Varsity 8:
Princeton 5:31.9
Brown 5:36.3 

2nd Varsity 8:
Princeton 5:40.1
Brown 5:44.0
Brown 1F 5:47.7 

3V 8+:
Brown 5:47.3
Princeton 5:51.9 

4V 8+:
Brown 5:57.5
Princeton B 6:04.3