Pizzitola Sports Center

The Paul Bailey Pizzitola Memorial Sports Center was officially dedicated in April, 1989, and provides Brown with an intercollegiate sports facility equal to any multi-purpose athletic facility in the Ivy League.

Designed by the Eggers Group of New York City, the Pizzitola Sports Center provides an intercollegiate competition court for men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, wrestling and gymnastics with bleacher and balcony seating for 2,800. A sliding divider on the main floor gives the facility flexibility for practice sessions.

In 2008, a new state-of-the-art hardwood floor was installed, along with chair-back floor seating on the balcony side.

The building also features a 4,000 square foot weight room, five state-of-the-art squash courts with spectator seating for 200, and separate rooms for wrestling and gymnastics. In addition, four tennis courts are housed under a fabric roof, which is made of teflon-coated fiberglass, a translucent material.

The athletic administrative staff is located in the Pizzitola Sports Center as well as most intercollegiate coaches. Other features of the  building include a beautiful lobby area with a trophy case, a press room, and reception area which overlook the main arena.