Brown Skiing Earns 2nd and 4th at Plymouth State Carnival

Brown Skiing Earns 2nd and 4th at Plymouth State Carnival

Jan. 28, 2002

The Bears earned a 2nd place finish in the slalom run, while ending the competition at 4th in the giant slalom. Despite the difficult conditions for the second runs of both races, the Bears produced some solid performances.

In Saturday's slalom, Elizabeth Dibona earned a 2nd place finish overall, missing 1st place by a mere .09 seconds. Dibona raced her first run at 49.86, and clocked her 2nd run at 51.78, for a total time of 1:41.64. Doria Dibona placed 6th overall, posting a total time of 1:45.61. Doria's race was the best result in her Brown career.

Also in the slalom, Molly Sheinberg produced a very strong second run (55.55), which gave her a total time of 1:50.51, and a 15th place finish. Naomi Sheffield had a solid performance, despite a very tough course and some attrition in the field. The freshman finished 19th posting a total time of 1:53.92.

Sunday marked the giant slalom competition, where the team earned a 4th place finish overall. Doria Dibona was the top Brown finisher, placing 3rd overall with a total time of 2:12.93. Elizabeth Dibona knocked eight seconds off her 1st run, to record a total time of 2:15.92, which was good for 8th place.

Molly Sheinberg was racing in the top five for the Bears, but suffered a hard fall on her second run. Jocelyn Cleary stepped up her start position from 42 to 35, totaling a time of 2:30.28.

Complete Brown Results:


Name 1st Run 2nd Run Total

2. E. Dibona 49.86 51.78 1:41.64

6. D. Dibona 52.60 53.01 1:45.61

15. Sheinberg 54.91 55.55 1:50.46

19. Sheffield 56.03 57.89 1:53.92

42. Lauro 1:05.95 1:07.64 2:13.59

45. Cleary 59.42 1:16.56 2:15.98

59. Rogawski 1:08.54 1:31.98 2:40.52

Giant Slalom

Name 1st Run 2nd Run Total

3. D. Dibona 1:09.72 1:03.72 2:12.93

8. E. Dibona 1:11.95 1:03.97 2:15.92

35. Cleary 1:18.43 1:11.85 2:30.28

42. Lauro 1:21.48 1:14.80 2:36.28

55. Rogawski 1:27.62 1:20.40 2:48.02