Brown Men's Fencing Squad beats Yale and finishes 3-1 at Brandeis Invitational

Brown Men's Fencing Squad beats Yale and finishes 3-1 at Brandeis Invitational

Dec. 5, 2005

Waltham, MA - The Brown men's fencing squad defeated Yale by a score of 15-12 at the Brandeis Invitational this past Sunday in Waltham, MA. Although the meet record won't count toward the official Ivy standings - those will be contested over the course of two Ivy meets in February 2006 - the Bears' victory over the Bulldogs was a positive start for Brown's first official season in the Ivy League rotation.

The Brown men also beat regional rival Brandeis by a decisive 17-10 score. The foil and epee squads both posted 6-3 victories against the Judges, while the saber squad came away with a 5-4 victory.

As expected, the men had a tougher time against 2001 NCAA Champion St. John's University, losing 9-18 against the perennial fencing powerhouse. However, the Brown men wrapped up the day by defeating Vassar 15-12 and finished with an impressive 3-1 tally.

Junior Jeremy Zeitlin led the men's foil squad to a very strong day. The squad ended the meet with a total of 25 victories. Zeitlin put up 10-1 record on the day while freshman Nick Bender went 8-3 at the meet.

Despite the absence of senior Jeremy Adler -- sabre squad and team captain -- men's saber stepped up to a winning record of nineteen wins and seventeen losses. Junior Dan Mahoney and sophomore Sam Levine went 9-2 and 9-3, respectively, on the day.

Men's epee struggled with only twelve wins amongst four fencers, but managed to contribute key victories in the matches against Brandeis and Vassar.

For the Brown women, the saber and epee squads led the way once again.

Although the Brown women lost hard-fought meets to Yale (11-16) and St. Johns (8-19), they rebounded to victories against Brandeis (16-11) and Vassar (16-11).

Senior Olivia Partyka (8-1 on the day) led the Brown women's saber squad to a 25-victory performance on the day, including a 9-0 sweep of Brandeis. Freshman Deb Gorth (7-4 meet record) and sophomore Charlotte Gartenberg (6-3) also contributed key victories.

Sophomore epeeist Christine Livoti - a former student of Brown foil alum Michael Kreidman '02 - posted a 10-2 record. Senior All-American Ruth Schneider sat out a round of fencing but still finished the day with a 7-2 record. Freshman epeeist Christina Salvatore went 6-6 on the day.

Brown women's foil - missing Nanette Milner and Jen Hausmann -- had a challenging day and won only three bouts. Hausmann and Milner will return for Brown's next meet in January.

With the semester's fencing over, the team looks forward to the much-busier winter season. The team will return to campus on January 15 to begin winter training camp, and from there jump into a grueling five week stretch with a competition every weekend, starting January 28 with the second Northeastern Fencing Conference meet at Boston College. Ivy League competition will be held on February 5 at Cornell and February 12 at Columbia.

Meet Results:

Brown 17, Brandeis 10 (Sabre, 5-4; Foil 6-3; Epee, 6-3)
Brown 9, St. John's 18 (Sabre, 2-7; Foil, 6-3; Epee, 1-8)
Brown 15, Yale 12 (Sabre, 7-2; Foil, 7-2; Epee, 1-8)
Brown 15, Vassar 12 (Sabre, 5-4; Foil, 6-3; Epee, 4-5)

Brown 16, Brandeis 11 (Sabre, 9-0; Foil, 0-9; Epee, 7-2)
Brown 8, St. John's 19 (Sabre, 3-6; Foil, 0-9; Epee, 5-4)
Brown 11, Yale 16 (Sabre, 4-5; Foil, 0-9; Epee, 7-2)
Brown 16, Vassar 11 (Sabre, 9-0; Foil, 3-6; Epee, 4-5)