Alevi and Pantel Qualify for NCAAs, Four More Await At-Large Selections

Alevi and Pantel Qualify for NCAAs, Four More Await At-Large Selections

March 3, 2008

Poughkeepsie, NY - After qualifying two fencers for the NCAA Championship and getting four at-large candidates, the Brown fencing team is in position to shatter its record for NCAA qualifiers after the NCAA Northeast Regionals on Sunday at Vassar College. Sophomores Randy Alevi (Old Westbury, NY) in the women's sabre and Adam Pantel (Mendham, NJ) in men's foil earned bids for the Championship, to be held March 13-16 at Ohio State. In addition, junior Deborah Gorth (Amherst, MA) in women's sabre, senior Christine Livoti (Garden City, NY) and junior Robyn Thvedt (Tucson, AZ) in women's epée, and sophomore Adam Yarnell (Harrison, NY) in men's epée have all received at-large recommendations, and are awaiting confirmation from the regional and national selection committees as their qualifier ratings are compared with at-large recommendations from the other regions.

NCAA Championship selection is determined based on a formula that combines a fencer's regular season record and NCAA Regional finish, which count for 40 and 60 percent of a fencer's qualifying score, respectively. Once compiled for all fencers for a weapon, the top eight or nine finishers, depending on the weapon, qualify, and two more fencers receive at-large recommendations. Teams are limited to two qualifiers in each weapon, so if a third fencer finishes in the top eight or nine from the same school, that fencer is designated as an institutional alternate if one of the top two cannot fence at NCAAs.

Pantel entered Saturday's competition with the eighth-highest seeding factor among men's foil fencers, which is the statistical representation of his season record. He was able to fence above that seeding, finishing fifth in the four-round format and qualifying in sixth. His 86.46 rating was by far the highest of the Brown fencers. Alevi had the ninth-highest seeding factor in women's sabre and finished in ninth at the competition, giving her the eighth qualifying spot with Columbia's third fencer taken out of the standings.

The highest qualifier rating among the Bears' four at-large fencers belonged to Yarnell. He came into the competition with the 15th-highest seeding factor among men's epéeists, but was able to place 10th in the competition, moving all the way up to 11th to snag the top at-large provision. Livoti and Thvedt entered the day with the eighth- and 13th-highest seeding factors in the women's epée, but the sophomore actually topped the senior during the competition, finishing 11th to Livoti's 12th. Still, Livoti holds the higher qualifier rating based on her stronger overall season. Gorth was the longest shot entering the day of the four at-large hopefuls, as she had just the 18th-highest seeding factor among women's sabre competitors. However, a 10th-place finish at Regionals vaulted her into the top at-large bid.

There were some Brown hopefuls who came up a bit short at the competition. With the eighth-best seeding factor in women's foil entering the competition, freshman Francesca Bartholomew (Boston, MA) hoped to put a solid finish on what has been a stellar freshman season. However, she was only able to place 18th in the competition, earning the 14th-highest qualifier rating. Senior Charlotte Gartenberg (St. Oaks, CA) had a shot at qualifying in women's sabre as well, entering with the 12th-highest seeding factor. However, she placed 19th, dropping out of qualifying contention.

Complete results from Regionals, as well as qualifier rankings, can be found here.