Brown Fencing Goes 7-1 At First NFC Tournament

Brown Fencing Goes 7-1 At First NFC Tournament

Durham, N.H. – The Brown men's & women's fencing teams were in action an the University of New Hampshire of the weekend, putting up impressive performances across the board. The women won each of their matches against BU, UNH, Sacred Heart, Wellesley and UMass, while the men were victorious against BU, UNH and UMass. The lone loss came on the men's side in an extremely close defeat to SHU. 

In the women's foil, sophomore Kathryn Hawrot led the way going 6-0. Both Hannah Kolus and Yukiko Kunitomo added strong performances, going 9-3 and 8-3, respectively.

Junior Cory Abbe was undefeated for the Bears in the epee, posting an impressive 11-0 mark. Hailey Huddleston was also on point at the tournament, posting an 11-4 record.

Junior Caitlin Taylor made it three-for-three events with a Brown competitor with a perfect record, going 13-0. Rookie Christine Whalen was not far behind with a 12-2 mark. 

The men's foil stood out as each competitor posted a winning mark, with three fencers, losing just one point.  Barrett Weiss, James Golin and Joshua Grill went 10-1, 8-1 and 7-1, respectively.

Sophomore Benjamin McDonald led the way in the way in the epee, with a 7-2 mark. Kwun Kui Clarence Ho lost just one point on his way to a 4-1 mark. 

The men's saber team nearly equaled the production of the foil, with three fencers with 8-1 marks in Nicholas Deak, Peter Tyson and Teddy Weller.


Brown Women's Team Results
BU 24-3
UNH 19-8
SHU 17-10
Wellesley 23-4
UMass 16-11

Women's Foil
Hannah Kolus 9-3
Kathryn Hawrot 6-0
Tori Lee 3-3
Vivian Truong 6-2
Yukiko Kunitomo 8-3

Women's Epee
Cory Abby 11-0
Hailey Huddleston 11-4
Katherine Telma 1-3
Laney Caldwell 7-3
Roxanne Alaghband 0-4

Women's Saber
Caitlin Taylor 13-0
Christen Dillard 0-2
Christine Whalen 12-2
Samantha Gross 9-5

Brown Men's Team Results
BU 23-4
UNH 24-3
SHU 13-14
UMass 23-4

Mens foil
Andrew Pintea 5-2
Barrett Weiss 10-1
James Golin 8-1
Josh Grill 7-1

Men's Epee
Alexander Chiclana 7-5
Ben McDonald 7-2
Kwun Kui Clarence Ho 4-1
Kelly McGuire 6-4

Men's Saber
Benedict Chen 1-3
Brandon Tommasso 4-1
Nicholas Deak 8-1
Peter Tyson 8-1
Teddy Weller 8-1