Bears Victorious in Northeast Fencing Conference Meet

Bears Victorious in Northeast Fencing Conference Meet

Cambridge, Mass. – After winning their first event of the year two weeks ago at Smith College, the Brown fencing team put on an impressive performance against several squads in Northeast Fencing Conference action. 

The Brown women were victorious in each of their dual matchups against Boston University (21-6), Sacred Heart (21-6), Boston College (16-11), New Hampshire (19-8), UMass (19-8) and Wellesley (18-9).

Impressive individual highlights included Avery Nackman who went 14-0 in the foil, Cory Abbe, 17-1 in the eppe and Caitlin Taylor, 14-1 in the saber.

The men's squad picked up victories over Boston University (24-3), New Hampshire (22-5) and UMass (24-3). The Bears were narrowly edged in two other matchups against Boston College (13-14) and Sacred Heart (13-14.) 

Peter Tyson (10-3) and Teddy Weller (11-2) were both strong with the saber while James Golin and Mike Roh each posted 8-1 marks in the foil.

The Bears take a week off before traveling to Brandeis on Dec. 5 for the Brandeis Invitational.

Complete Results

Women's Team Results

Brown vs.:

BU: 21-6

Sacred Heart: 21-6

BC: 16-11

UNH: 19-8

UMass: 19-8

Wellesley: 18-9


Individual Results

Women's Foil

Francesca Bartholomew: 7-1

Avery Nackman: 14-0

Yukiko Kunitomo: 10-3

Kathryn Hawrot: 13-1

Danae Kapoulea: 0-5


Women's Epee

Cory Abbe: 17-1

Laney Caldwell: 15-2

Kathy Nguyen: 7-5

Tanya Nguyen: 5-2


Women's Saber

Caitlin Taylor :14-1

Andrea Sassenrath: 2-5

Lauren Rojas: 2-3

Jeran Cao: 5-7

Caroline Steinfeld: 0-5

Christina Jorgensten: 3-5


Men's Team Results

Brown vs.:

BU: 24-3

Sacred Heart: 13-14

BC: 13-14

UNH: 22-5

UMass: 24-3


Men's Individual Results

Men's Foil

James Golin: 8-1

Josh Grill: 7-2

Scott Phillips: 7-2

Mike Roh: 8-1

Jonathan Yu: 6-3


Men's Epee

Alex Depaoli: 5-4

Kwun Kui Clearence Ho: 3-2

Ben McDonald: 6-5

Kelly McGuire: 8-4

David Sonshine: 5-3


Men's saber

Nicholas Deak: 9-5

Brandon Tomasso: 3-2

Peter Tyson: 10-3

Teddy Weller: 11-2