Equestrian Team Comes In 2nd At The Trinity Show

Equestrian Team Comes In 2nd At The Trinity Show

Oct. 30, 2004

Hartford, CT - In a close competition on Saturday, October 30, the equestrian team finished second at the Trinity show cutting their lead in the regional to nine over Connecticut. The final score was Connecticut 37, Brown 36 and Trinity rounding out the top three with 35. Going into the Trinity show the Bears had a ten point lead on Connecticut but, the lead has been cut to nine setting the stage for a crucial show next weekend for the UConn show.

All jumping events in the show were limited to only two riders a school in each division because of the shorter days and sun limitations. In open fences point rider Jamie Peddy finished in first while Alexis Gilbard finished in third to give Brown seven points after the first competition of the show. In intermediate fences point rider Rachel Roemer finished in sixth place while Marissa Geoffroy placed first for the Bears. Point rider Heidi Abrech placed second and Galyn Burke placed fifth in novice fences.

In open flat Leila Ledsinger took first while Whitney Keefe and point rider Jamie Peddy placed third in their respective classes. In intermediate flat Marissa Geoffroy finished first and was the high point rider of the day while Grace Peloquin ranked fifth. Point rider Rachel Roemer drew a stubborn horse and had a fifth place finish. Point rider Galyn Burke placed third in her first novice flat class while Amy Cameron finished in fourth and Katie Rae placed fifth.

In advanced walk trot canter Katie Goetz took second despite having a wrong lead while Cate Alsop finished third and Katie Osborn took fifth. Point rider Jenny John finished first in her first walk trot canter show that kept Brown in stride with UConn. Also placing in beginner walk trot canter was Kim Mickenberg finishing in ceond and Connie Lee placing fourth.

At this point in the show Brown was trailing UConn, Johnson and Wales and Trinity by one point and for the second show in a row it came down to walk trot. In walk trot freshman point rider Sarah Morris came in first while Lizzy Freudmann placed sixth and Rebecca Sills finished up in second giving Brown at total of 36 points for a second place finish be beat out byt UConn who scored a point higher 37.

The equestrian team will head to Storrs, CT for the upcoming UConn show Saturday, November 6.