Equestrian Team Falls To UConn In Final Regular Season Show

Equestrian Team Falls To UConn In Final Regular Season Show

March 28, 2005

New London, CT - In another exciting and close show, the Bears finished in second place behind UConn, giving the Huskies the regular season regional title. Saturday's show once again came down to the wire having the results rest on the final event of the day.

In the first event of the day open fences, point rider Jamie Peddy pinned fourth while Alexis Gilbard finished up in third. In intermediate fences, point rider Grace Peloquin had a tough ride, finishing in fifth place. Katie Rae had a second place finish while Jess Mendelson came in sixth for the Bears. The Bears struggled in novice fences, having point rider Galyn Burke, Amy Cameron, Ariana Arcenas and Jenny Fauth finish in fifth place in their respective classes. Rachel Lubin pinned first for the Bears while Kim Mickenberg finished up in second place.

Peddy rebounded quickly and finished in first in open flat while Gilbard and Whitney Keefe came in second narrowing UConn's lead. In intermediate flat point rider Peloquin and Abrecht finished up in second in their respective classes and Arcenas and Rae pinned in a disappointing sixth.

In walk trot point rider Kelly Qu had a flawless ride, getting first place giving the Bears a one point lead over UConn 24-23. In her last show as a Bears Lizy Freudman finished the event in fifth in her respective class. In walk trot canter point rider Jenny John gave the Bears a first place finish they were looking fro, but it was matched by UConn giving them a one point lead and having them finish first in the region. Also getting a pin for Brown was Anna Mori, Katie Goets and Sarah Clark who finished second, third and fourth in their respective classes. Rebecca Sills and Lauren Rogoff came in fifth in their respective classes.

The Bears have 20 riders going to Regionals Saturday, April 2, which will be held at UConn. The top two riders in each division go on to Zones after next week's Regional Championship.