Bears Wrap Up Season With Third Place Finish At Connecticut College Show

Bears Wrap Up Season With Third Place Finish At Connecticut College Show

March 26, 2006

New London, CT - The Bears wrap up their 2006 spring season with a third place finish at the Connecticut College show this afternoon at New London, CT. Johnson and Wales came in first with a 31 points and Roger Williams finished strong in the last class edging out Brown 28-27.

In the first class of the day in open fences junior Marissa Geoffroy placed third while freshman Cody Auer placed third in the second class of the event. Senior Jamie Peddy also placed third while senior Alexis Gilbard finished fifth in the fourth class. Point rider sophomore Whitney Keefe pinned fourth for three points.

In intermediate fences junior point rider Jade Palomino pinned fifth keeping Brown within striking distance of UConn 7-5.

In novice fences sophomore Katie Goetz got things started for Brown in the first class placing second, despite a cross canter. Emma Clippinger placed fifth while point rider Courtney Pope pinned sixth. The Bear's top finish in the event came from senior Mallory Kass who pinned first.

In open flat, the Bears dominated as Gilbard, Keefe and Peddy all placed first while Auer was not far behind placing second. The Bears took a one point lead over UConn.

In intermediate flat Palomino who was the Bears point rider placed third, building Brown's lead to two points over UConn. Kass finished in fifth place.

In novice flat Pope took first place, qualifying for Regionals next weekend at UConn. With the first place finish Brown jumped out to a seven point lead over UConn.

In walk trot canter freshman Hayley Goldbach turned in the Bear's top performance in the event grabbing second while sophomore Rosalind Bogan placed third. Point rider Irmak Tasindi had a tough ride and did not place.

In walk trot point rider Lucia Corso pinned second giving Brown the 27-26 edge over UConn. Another top finish for the Bears came from sophomore Joyce Kwok who came in fourth place.

Keefe clinched the high point rider award for the year and will automatically go on to Nationals in the Cacchione Cup. In second place was Peddy who came in 4th last year at the Nationals in Cacchione Cup after starting in 1st place on the flat. The Cacchione competition is run in three phases flat, fences, and a call back for the top riders to ride a test specified by the judges.

Twelve riders have qualified for Zones which will take plave next weekend. In Open, Peddy, Gilbard, and Keefe. In Intermediate Geoffroy and Rachel Roemer. In Novice Kass and Pope on the flat. In Walk Trot Canter Jenny John and Goetz. In Walk Trot Kelly Qu, Sarah Morris, and Kristin Beck.