Equestrian Team Finishes First In Johnson and Wales Show

Equestrian Team Finishes First In Johnson and Wales Show

March 19, 2006

Rehoboth, MA - The Bears won their third show of the year, edging out UConn 37-35 this afternoon at the Johnson & Wales show. Although Brown has defeated UConn the last three shows, the Husky's lead in the region stands at 26 with one show to go.

In the opening class of the day on open flat senior captain Alexis Gilbard finished with a fourth place pin. In competitive second class where senior Jamie Peddy and sophomore Whitney Keefe found themselves along with several other Cacchione Cup contenders, Peddy was unable to pin while Keefe finished in fourth.

In intermediate fences, senior point rider Rachel Roemer pinned first giving Brown a six point lead after the first two events.

In novice fences, UConn took the lead when the Bear's point rider Courtney Pope did not place.

In open flat Peddy was the Bear's point rider and finished second tying the score at 15. In the second open class freshman Cody Auer pinned second, while Gilbard and Keefe went one and two in the third class. In the final class of open flat, senior Ariana Arcenas came in second.

In intermediate flat, Roemer's first place finish gave the lead back to Brown 22-19, continuing her roll of first place finishes. Senior Mallory Kass in her first show in intermediate pinned fourth.

In novice fences point rider Jenny John pinned fifth, but Brown still held a two point lead over UConn 26-24. Junior Rachel Lubin pinned fourth in the following class, while Emma Clippinger and point rider Courtney Pope finished with fifth and third.

In advanced walk trot canter freshman Hayley Goldbach placed second in the first class while point rider Kelly Qu pinned third in the next class.

In walk trot canter senior Melba Melton came in fifth and point rider Kristin Beck pinned first giving Brown the win.

The Bears will wrap up their spring team competition on Saturday March 25 when they compete in the Connecticut College Show.