Bears Cut Into UConn's Lead With First Place Finish In This Afternoon's Show

Bears Cut Into UConn's Lead With First Place Finish In This Afternoon's Show

Feb. 25, 2006

Hebron, CT - The Equestrian team finished first place in this afternoon's show just beating UConn 33 to 29. The finish narrows UConn's lead in the region to 33 points, as the Huskies have tallied 257 and Brown has recorded 224 on the year.

In open fences both Jamie Peddy and point rider Whitney Keefe had strong performances as Brown jumped out to a seven to two lead over UConn.

In intermediate fences Brown was able to build their lead up seven points after point rider Grace Peloquin came in first and UConn's point rider only finished up in second.

In novice fences point rider Courtney Pope had a tough draw and finished in fifth place for two points. Jenny John in only her second show over the fences had a good ride and pinned in second place. At this point in the show Brown's lead was only five points as the score read 14-9.

In open flat Keefe started things off in her division with a first place finish, while Peddy who was point rider in the event, pinned third. Brown was able to build their lead up to six point because UConn's point rider pinned fourth.

In intermediate flat, point rider Grace Peloquin pinned fourth while UConn's rider pinned sixth. The sixth place finish was later dropped by UConn and the score now stood at Brown 21 UConn 16.

In novice flat Dana Liljegren and Katie Goetz turned in first place finishes in their respective classes while Rachel Lubin finished second. Courtney Pope and point rider Jenny John each came in third.

In walk trot canter point rider Emily Cole took third while UConn's point rider finished six cutting the Bear's lead to five points. Also turning in top scores for Brown was Irmak Tasindi who pinned first, while Rosie Bogan, Leona Rosenblum, and Hayley Goldbach all finished in second.

In walk trot Brown sealed the win when point rider Lucia Corso came in third giving Brown the first place finish. Also having a top score for the Bears was Stephanie Syc who finished in second.

The Bears will return to action on March 12 when they host their first show of the year at Windswept Farms.