Brown Wins URI Show With 42 Points

Brown Wins URI Show With 42 Points

Mystic Valley, Conn. – Despite cold conditions on Saturday, Brown was able to ride its way to a first-place finish at the Rhode Island University Show with 42 points. The strong showing helped the Bears take hold of first place in its region, holding a 27-point lead over second place Becker.

The started with the open fences in which Rebecca McGoldrick pinned fourth. Point rider Jacqueline Lubrano won the class while Lindsay Wong came in second to give the Bears an early two-point lead. Scores: Brown 7, Roger Williams 5, UMass-Dartmouth 4, Becker 4 and URI 0.

In the intermediate fences point rider Amanda Picciotto came in first which helped push Brown to seven more points and an eight point lead over Becker.
The open flat saw Lubrano pinned first, ahead of Lindsey Burns the Cacchione Cup leader, for 7 points. McGoldrick won her class with a strong ride. Scores with a drop (Brown drops a first place): Brown 14, JWU 10, URI and RWU 9.

Point rider Anna Baker placed second in the intermediate flat, while Carolyn Baxter placed sixth to push Brown to a five point lead over Roger Williams and seven over JWU.
In the novice flat Allison Dungey had her horse replaced three times, but still placed second and pointed up to intermediate flat. Point rider Hallee Foster placed second as the Bears improved to a seven-point lead over both JWU and URI.

In the walk trot canter Karolina Woroniecka came in third on Forty, the Morgan from URI. Sarah Gonzalez pinned third to help push Brown's point total to 35.
Point rider Vivian Hsaio won her class in the walk trot and pointed up to walk trot canter as Brown closed out its 42 point win.

Brown's next show is at Johnson & Wales on December 3.


Final Scores

1. Brown, 42

2. Becker, 35

3. JWU, 31

4. RWU, 27

5. URI, 25

6. UMass-Dartmouth, 24

Regional Totals

1. Brown, 212

2. Becker, 185

3. RWU, 184

4. URI, 183

5. JWU, 174