Brown Scores 49 Points at Home Show

Brown Scores 49 Points at Home Show

WARREN, R.I. –  Brown had one its best shows in nearly 10 years as the team tallied 49 points for the win. The Bears have had just one 49-point show which came in 2002 at Weslayan. Bruno now leads its region by eight points after standing in sixth last week.

The day started with the first class of the open fences where point rider Jacqueline Lubrano pinned first as Brown started the morning off strong with seven points.

In the second class freshman Elizabeth Mahoney placed first, while senior Rebecca McGoldrick pinned second. After the open, Brown and Rogers Williams were tied for first with seven points, while Becker and URI had four.

In the intermediate fences freshman Amanda Picciotto took third while rookie point rider Hallee Foster won the class to push the Bears to a five-point lead over RWU.

The novice fences was next and freshman Zoe Aron pinned fourth. Senior point rider Cara Rosenbaum won the class and pointed up to the intermediate fences Senior Anna Baker pinned second as Brown pushed its point total to 14.

McGoldrick started the open flat and pinned third, while Lubrano, Brown's poin rider point rider, won the class as the Bears opened up a seven-point lead over Becker.

Rosenbaum, the point rider in the intermediate flat, won the class and had a high-point ride off against Lubrano. It continued to be all Brown as they pushed the advantage to 11 points.

Senior Jena Tavormina won her class in the novice flat to help Brown to 35 points, 10 ahead of second-place URI.

In walk trot canter, point rider Marissa Fuerst took first place and pointed up. 2AA-level rider Karolina Woroniecka won her class on Star.
In the 1A-level, Mary Johnson pinned second with a strong ride and then point rider Laura Kirk placed first to secure Brown's 49-point show.

Brown now leads its region by eight points.

Final Scores

1. Brown, 49

2. URI, 32

t3. Becker, 26

t3. Roger Williams, 26

4. Johnson & Wales, 23

5. UMass-Dartmouth, 21.

Region Standings

1. Brown, 72 

2. URI, 64 

3. Becker, 54

4. RWU, 52

5. JWU, 49

6. UMass-Dartmouth, 46

Cacchione Cup Standings
1. Katie Strandberg, JWU – 21

2. Heather Chamura, URI - 20 

3. Lyndsey Burns, RWU – 19

t4. Krellis Austin, JWU -14

t4. Rebecca McGoldrick, Brown -14

t4. Kayla Prefontaine, URI -14

t4. Jackie Lubrano, Brown -14.