Brown Athletic Facilities Get Face-Lift

Brown Athletic Facilities Get Face-Lift

July 23, 2001

Various Brown University Athletic facilities have been undergoing major renovations this Summer with Stevenson Field and Brown Stadium reaping the benefits of $2 million in changes.

Stevenson Field has gotten new lighting and a completely new field and sub-surface. High-intensity Musco lighting was installed in June by Audette Electrical, with new light poles installed to replace the previous light intensity of 10 foot-candles. The new lighting will generate 50 foot-candles for regular games, 100 foot-candles for televised games, and gives Brown the opportunity to play night lacrosse games.

The entire Stevenson playing surface has been replaced by Clark Companies, with the field being expanded, leveled, and additional drainage installed. A retaining wall will enclose the entire field area, with the increased area enabling soccer to play on an expanded surface.

The process began with over 400 truck-loads of top soil being removed from the field. Drainage pipes were then placed every 16 feet and covered in a sand and gravel mixture. Three inches of stone was covered by 10 inches of root zone, a 70 percent sand and 30 percent peat moss mixture. Sod will be laid the first week in August, enabling the field to be ready for the men's soccer home opener on September 8th and the women's soccer home opener on September 9th. In addition, a new irrigation system was installed, along with new fencing and landscaping.

A new track is being installed at Brown Stadium this summer with Southwest replacing the entire track area with a new ISS 300 track surface. A 10mm full depth polyurethane surface is being installed, beginning with the laying of an asphalt base and continuing with the pouring of new track, long jump and high jump surfaces. The asphalt sub surface should last another 20-25 years, while the new track is expected to last 8-10 years.