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The Brown Athletic Hall of Fame, founded in 1970, recognizes individuals and teams who, through outstanding performance and achievement in the field of athletics, have brought special honor to Brown. The Hall of Fame symbol is the University Hall bell, historically associated with Brown student life and athletic victories.

Hall of Fame

Board of Directors

Bernard V. Buonanno III '88 - President

Gerald L. Massa '77 - Treasurer

Kaitlin King Bramley ’86
Bernard V. Buonanno, Jr. '60
Richard H. Burrows '76
William E. Corrigan, Jr. '58
Jack Hayes - Director of Athletics
Francis "Tut" Jamiel '77
Dr. Peter Mackie '59
Joseph Mocco III ’93
Gordon Morton ’93
Carolan Norris - Senior Associate Director of Athletics
Edward B. "Ted" Patton ’88
Dr. Clark A. Sammartino '59
Marianne Tracy '79
Russell J. Tyler '71


The 2014 Class included 11 outstanding members, and one team, of the Brown athletic community, who were honored at the 40th Induction Dinner on November 8, 2014.  Class of 2014 Inductees are:

Vernon R. Alden ’45 - Paul L. Maddock ’33 Award

Linton A. “Jay” Fluck III ’65 - Special

Earl E. Hunt ’03 - Men’s Basketball

Jeffrey E. Nord ’99 - Men’s Track & Field

Joseph A. Karcutskie ’98 - Football

Katherine E. McDowell ’98 - Sailing

Gregory G. Parker ’97 - Football

Mia Dammen Mihopoulos ’95 - Women’s Soccer

Eileen J. Rocchio ’93 - Gymnastics

Andrew N. Towers ’93 - Men’s Lacrosse

Thomas L. Towers ’88 - Men’s Lacrosse

1994 Men’s Crew


For more information, please contact the Brown University Sports Foundation at (401) 863-1900 or by e-mail.

Click here to open the Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form (.pdf).


Alma Mater

Alma Mater we Hail thee, with loyal devotion,
And bring to thine altar our off'ring of praise,
Our hearts swell within us with joyful emotion,
As the name of old Brown in loud chorus we raise.
The happiest moments, of youth's fleeting hours,
We've passed neath the shade of these time honored walls . . .
And sorrows as transient as April's brief showers,
Have clouded our lives, in Brunonia's halls.

Ever True To Brown

We are ever true to Brown,
For we love our college dear,
And wherever we may go,
We are ready with a cheer,
And the people always say, (what do they say?)
That you can't outshine Brown men (and women!)
With their Rah! Rah! Rah!
And their Ki! Yi! Yi!
And their B,R,O,W . . . N