Dave Zucconi '55 Award

Named for David Zucconi ’55, in honor of his many contributions to Brown as Executive Director of the Brown Sports Foundation, this award is presented to the male varsity athlete who most consistently displays the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.

Name Sport Year
Brad Sidwell Football 1992
Harvey Smith Lacrosse 1993
Gregory Rozycki Lacrosse 1994
Paul Fitzpatrick Wrestling 1995
John Nicholson Tennis 1996
Marquis Jessie Football 1997
Geoff Gottlieb Swimming 1998
Andrew Dixon Soccer 1999
Joe Stepp Wrestling 2000
Drew Inzer Football 2001
Nick Malone Tennis 2002
Tye Korbl Ice Hockey 2003
Adom Crew Soccer 2004
Will Burroughs Football 2005
Breck Bailey Squash 2006
Alex Buckley Lacrosse 2007
Damon Huffman Basketball 2008
Steve Sawyer Soccer
Paul Jasinowski Football 2010
Kendrick Au Tennis 2011
Alexander Tounkara-Kone Football 2012
Matt Sullivan Basketball 2013
Sean McGonagill Basketball 2014
Daniel Giovacchini Football 2015
Matty Gallas Water Polo 2016
Steven Spieth Basketball 2017

Updated as of May 22, 2017