Arlene Gorton '52 Cup

Presented to the female varsity athlete who most consistently displays the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. It is named in honor of former Brown Associate Director of Athletics Arlene Gorton ’52 in recognition of her role in developing women's intercollegiate athletics at Brown.

Name Sport Year
Nancy Fuld Tennis 1976
Sandy McDougall Tennis 1977
Laurie Raymond Ice Hockey 1978
Adrienne Morphy Squash/Tennis 1979
Linda Stratton Basketball 1980
Darcy Fernald Soccer 1981
Pam Heggie Swimming 1982
Callie LaMay Softball/Field Hockey 1983
Sue Maloney Basketball 1984
Mardie Corcoran Ice Hockey/Softball 1985
Katelyn King Swimming 1986
Kelley Shanahan Field Hockey 1987
Maria Rabb Crew 1988
Teri Smith Track 1989
Torri Connell Crew 1990
Susan Smith Track 1991
Jen Hunter Track 1992
Tracy Cisek Swimming 1993
Shannon Bryant Ice Hockey 1994
Cathy Luke Volleyball 1995
Kjersten Boschen Basketball 1996
Michelle Kupka Tennis 1997
Phoebe Koch Lacrosse 1998
Tania Belisle-Leclerc Swimming 1999
Elise Roy Soccer/Lacrosse 2000
Christina Sorbara Ice Hockey 2001
Dawn Chuck Swimming 2002
Sarah Gervais Soccer 2003
Jeanie Ward-Waller Water Polo 2004
Jamie Johnson Soccer/Skiing 2005
Christine Livoti Fencing 2006
Jessica Kondrick Volleyball 2007
Sarah Wu Crew 2008
Aleksandra "Ola" Mackiewicz Fencing
Thelma Breezeatl Track & Field 2010
Katie Gannett Soccer 2011
Aileen Daniels Basketball 2012
Kelley Harrison Field Hockey 2013
Alison Mullin Soccer 2014
Janet Leung Softball 2015
Isabel Runge Crew 2016
Sarah Lucenti Volleyball 2017

Updated as of May 22, 2017