2013 Royce Fellows for Sport & Society


Katharine Grimes ’14 (women's track & field/cross country)
"Social and Media Influences on Women's Participation in Sports and Leadership in Brazil"

Katharine will research the relationship between the language used to describe the Brazilian Women's National Soccer Team and the language used to describe Brazil's female President, Dilma Rousseff. In partnership with professors at Universidade Gama Filho in Rio de Janeiro, Universidade Estacio de Sa in Petropolis, and the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Katharine will explore how descriptive language effects women's participation in the sports and politics. 

Chelsea Hartigan ’14 (women's track & field) 
"Fighting for Peace: Using Sport as Intervention in a Brazilian Favela"

Chelsea will investigate how community-based sports organizations affect the pathway to crime for children within the Favela of Mare, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Aron Lesser ’15 (men's ultimate frisbee)
"A Non-Consumptive Guide to Sports and Society in Sao Paulo, Brazil"

Using the lens of soccer and identity, Aron will write a non-consumptive guide for travelers to Sao Paulo. Aron will research everything from neighborhoods around the soccer stadium to the cosmopolitan migration of soccer to the megalopolis, in order to give travelers a new vision of this old city.    

Olivia Santiago ’16 (women's water polo)
"Caribbean Swim for Life Initiative"

A high percentage of Caribbean children die each year from drowning. Olivia will work with lifesaving initiatives in Trinidad and Tobago to teach residents to swim and establish an accessible program for local children.

Jacqueline Schoninger ’14 (women's basketball)
"Bringing Adaptive Sports to College Campuses"

Jacqueline will study current collegiate adaptive sports programs throughout the US. Using her research, Jacqueline hopes to start an intramural wheelchair basketball league at Brown, made up of both able-bodied students and students with disabilities.   

Maggie Smith ’14 (women's basketball)
"An Analysis of Public Health Interventions Through Sport in Nairobi, Kenya"

Maggie will work with Ungano-Tena, a community health organization in Nairobi, Kenya. She will explore how Ungano-Tena uses dance and acrobatics as a channel for the promotion of HIV education within the large community. Maggie will work to bring development funding and program development for sports to the forefront of the long-term partnership between GlobeMed and Ungano-Tena.