2011 Royce Fellows for Sport & Society


Pierre Ivan Arreola ’13 (hip hop dance)
"Hip Hop Don't Stop: Lifelong Learning through Movement"

As a member of the GR818ERS, a coalition of hip hop artists and social activists, Pierre will work with young people in the San Fernando Valley and greater Southern California area in a dual athletic and artistic education project, Art in Motion. By appealing to the interests of disempowered youth, Pierre and his colleagues hope to inspire young people to positively connect to their communities. 

Chelsea Garber ’12 (women's rugby) 
"The Theory of the Ball Hog: Studying Strategic Cooperation through Sport"

Chelsea will use the tools of statistics and game theory to examine patterns of passing and cooperation among the US National Women's Rugby Team. She will analyze games to better understand the outcomes of player decisions and the cost benefit of cooperation on the field. Chelsea hopes the study may offer some insight into the challenges of global macroeconomics.  

Emily Hsieh ’12 (women's rugby)
"Investigating the Interface between Neuro-Engineering Research and Technology for Disabled Athletes and Wounded Soldiers"

Emily will examine and evaluate the connection between nerve regeneration research in the laboratory and current bio-engineered medical applications for treating neurologically disabled athletes and wounded soldiers through continued research in the neuro-engineering laboratory at the Providence Veterans Affairs Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine.   

Michael Manella ’12 (men's soccer)
"Youth Soccer Development in the United States and the World"

Michael will create a film documenting youth soccer development in four countries: Brazil, England, Turkey and the United States. Throughout the filming, Michael will train with top-level clubs in Brazil, England, Turkey and the United States to gain an understanding of how players are developed, the landscape of professional opportunities and the cultural imperative of soccer in these four countries.  

Lindsay Nickel ’13 (women's basketball)
"Examining HIV/AIDS Prevention Through Sport: A Case Study of Hoops 4 Hope"

Lindsay will investigate basketball as a means for delivering HIV prevention and health education while working with Hoops 4 Hope in Cape Town, South Africa. She will work to understand the risk factors for local youth in contracting HIV and examine how effective sport coaches are in delivering HIV/AIDS prevention programs.  

Lilly Siems ’12 (gymnastics)
"Disability to Ability: Using Sport to Improve Health and Empower the Disabled in a World of Limited Access"

Lilly will work with Global Outreach and Love of Soccer (GOALS) in Haiti and Sport 4 Socialization (S4S) in Zimbabwe to better understand how non-profit organizations incorporate people with different physical abilities. Lilly will assist in the development of a new sport program focused on the disabled population in Leogane, Haiti, then travel to Mutare, Zimbabwe to work with an S4S program and revise their current monitoring and evaluation system.