2009 Royce Fellows for Sport & Society


Kim Bundick ’10 (volleyball)
"Working Toward a Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Malnutrition in Francistown, Botswana."

Working in conjunction with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Kim completed a Nutritional Assessment of the Pediatric Ward in Nyangabagwe Referral Hospital. The assessment aimed to improve the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition and other infectious diseases in the ward. She also served as a volunteer coach with the King's Foundation, an educational charity developing local youth through sport. Kim traveled with the King's Foundation to area villages and under-developed neighborhoods to organize sport activities and service projects for children. 

Katie Gannett ’11 (women's soccer) 
"Investigating the Capacity of Organizations within the Field of Sport for Development and Peace."

Katie worked in Cyprus as an instructor for the Doves Olympic Movement, a program that engages Greek and Turkish-Cypriot youth in sport, education and cultural activities in an effort to promote inter-ethnic tolerance. Prior to traveling to Cyprus, Katie worked at Northeastern University's Center for Sport in Society on research, education, outreach and advocacy initiatives in the area of sport for development and peace. After leaving Cyprus, Katie accompanied the Director of Research at the Center to Football for the Community, an international conference in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, at which members from the international community, the United Nations, and top European soccer clubs discussed their efforts to develop socially responsible initiatives. 

Katie Hyland ’11 (field hockey)
"Getting Girls Running in Providence"

Katie explored the possibility of establishing a state chapter of Girls on the Run (GOTR), a national program that uses running to improve the health and physical fitness of girls in elementary school. Katie interned at the Lehigh County Pennsylvania GOTR headquarters and surveyed GOTR program directors across the country, using the data to prepare an operational and financial plan to share with potential community sponsors in Providence.

Blaine Martin ’11 (women's skiing & women's rugby)
"The Balance Between Environmental Protection and Recreational Land Use"

Through research into the management policies of the National Parks System, Blaine explored the current balance between environmental protection policy and recreational land use policies. Her research focused specifically on current land use in Yellowstone National Park and the efficacy of applying a cost benefit analysis model to questions of public access and land protection. Blaine traveled through Yosemite in an effort to experience policies at work and plans to apply her research to a framework for creating more active, aware athletes and recreationists.

Jason Pohanka ’11 (men's lacrosse)
"Effective Sport Organizing in Uganda"

Jason traveled to Uganda to research the operations and organizational structure of the Kampala Kids League, a successful sport NGO based in Kampala. Jason took part in a variety of community building activities, including the construction of a soccer field in rural Kasese and the organization of a League event for children in Katanga. These experiences were accompanied by a series of discussions and interviews with staff members in an effort to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Kampala Kids League.  

Cara Smith ’11 (women's rugby)
"The Efficacy of the Yo Puedo Program"

Cara examined the program Yo Puedo, a project designed to encourage the self-concept of pre-adolescent girls living in rural Honduras. The program trains teachers to teach girls how to apply their primary school education to the development of small-scale home-based businesses that will meet community needs and promote economic stability. In addition to tutoring in the program, Cara provided surveys for the girls to examine the change, if any, that resulted from their participation. Additionally, she attempted to expand the program by exploring various means of outreach through sport activities.