2008 Royce Fellows for Sport & Society


Shae Fitzpatrick ’10 (women's basketball)
"Extending Boundaries and Building Bridges with Basketball in New Delhi."

Shae joined the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Global Operations Team in New Delhi, India and worked to support the Basketball Without Boarders outreach program by teaching core values in sportsmanship, health education and basketball skills. Shae's interactive experience with the local children, HIV patients and the NBA All-Asia basketball skills camp provided unique insight into the universal power of sport to bridge cultural differences across society and effectuate positive change. 

Rachel Foodman ’09 (gymnastics) 
"Physical Education in an Era of Reform."

Rachel assessed the obstacles facing elementary school physical education teachers in public, private and charter schools in San Diego. She will craft her findings into a policy memo.

Katharine Glerum ’10 (women's rugby)
"Researching Play as a Socializing Force within Modernized and Non-Modernized Peru."

Katie interned for the Urban Youth Sports Program at the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University. She then applied that experience in Peru, where she observed children at play in both a modernized area (Huancayo) and a non-modernized area (Vikso), creating a series of case studies.

Abby Hein ’10 (field hockey)
"Shimbwe School Soccer League"

Abby set out to organize and direct a soccer league for 250 children at the Shimbwe Secondary School near Moshi, Tanzania. This project was intended to provide both an opportunity for disadvantaged children to play, and a chance for Abby to observe and evaluate a cross-cultural organization's use of Western rights-based models of humanitarian aid.

Scott Warren ’09 (individual athlete - marathon)
"The Intersection of Baseball and Local Community Development in the Dominican Republic."

Scott investigated the impact of American Major League Baseball academies in the Dominican Republic. He examined the activities conducted by the academies in local Dominican communities in order to highlight the real-world economic impact of this exchange on the lives of everyday Dominicans. He participated in an evaluation of the importance of education in the Dominican player's path to professional baseball, and examined the effectiveness of projects these players undertake to improve their communities in the Dominican Republic. 

Hank Weintraub ’09 (men's water polo)
"Gay Athletes in the Ivy League"

Hank interviewed gay, male athletes from Ivy League teams, as well as select coaches. From these narratives, Hank seeks to gain insights into the experiences of gay male athletes in the Ivy League. Throughout the process, he worked with noted scholars to craft recommendations for Ivy Athletic Directors and the NCAA, suggesting ways to improve the experiences of gay collegiate athletes.