2007 Royce Fellows for Sport & Society


Hillary Anderson ’08 (women's lacrosse)
"Reducing Secondary Transmission of HIV: How to Educate and Raise Awareness Through Sport."

Hillary will work with the South African Medical Research Council in Cape Town to design and implement viable, sustainable and locally suitable interventions to reduce secondary transmission of HIV. She will work with local sport clubs to incorporate these interventions as well as health education and promotion.

Whitney Brown ’08.5 (women's rugby) 
"The Chinese Olympic Experience: Removing Stigma and Empowering Disabled Athletes Through Sport."

Whitney will explore the experiences of a select group of athletes with disabilities in Hong Kong and Mainland China. She will examine the obstacles athletes face, their experiences with discrimination and the support systems that sustain them through journalistic interviews with Olympians, coaches and administrators.
Whitney is now in a Political Science PhD program at the University of British Columbia

Kirsten Harvey ’09 (softball)
"Promoting Exercise in the Recovery of Kidney Transplant Recipients."

Kirsten will study the effects of incorporating a fitness routine into the recovery period of kidney transplant patients to decrease health risks such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, possibly lower the need for immunosuppressant drugs, and ultimately improve the survival rate of transplant patients.

Ben Sieff ’10 (men's club soccer)
"Designing an After-School Program in Namugongo, Uganda."

Ben will design an after-school program in affiliation with the Namugongo Fund for Special Children, an NGO that provides medical care, food, school fees and guidance for children in a settlement thirty minutes north of Kampala. This program will offer enriching athletic and creative activities as well as academic resources.

Javier Zapata ’09 (intramurals)
"Jump-Starting our Youth: Guaranteeing Low-Income Children the Right to Play."

Javier will work with the Miami Lakes Optimist Club to develop, implement and finance a 'no-pay' flag football program for low-income children in Miami. The league will provide children with an opportunity to play and employ local youth as referees and administrators.
Javier is starting his third year at Yale Law School. His program continues to run and has grown considerably (700-1,000 children).