Recruiting for Brown University

Enrolled student-athletes recruiting activity

Permissible Activity

  • Off-Campus contacts: Off-campus, in person recruiting contacts that are unavoidable incidental contacts between enrolled student-athletes (or other enrolled students) and a prospect are permissible if such contacts do not occur at the discretion of a coaching staff member.

  • Telephone contacts: It is permissible for an enrolled student-athlete to receive telephone calls made at the expense of a prospect subsequent to July 1 following the completion of the prospect's junior year in high school. But telephone calls made by an enrolled student (excluding student-athletes) pursuant to an institution's regular admissions program directed at all prospective students shall be permissible.

  • Official Visits: A student-athlete may act as student hosts during a prospect's official visit to the institution's campus.

  • Unofficial Visits: Prospects may stay in an enrolled student-athlete's dormitory room, provided the prospect pays the regular institutional rate for such lodging.

Impermissible Activity

  • An institution may not provide a student-athlete with expenses or transportation to recruit a prospect. The institution may only provide those expenses specified as permissible when a student-athlete serves as a student host.

  • Student-athletes can not make or participate in telephone calls to prospects at the direction of any coaching staff member.

  • A student-athlete serving, as a host may not be provided an automobile by the institution or representative of its athlete interests for use by the host or the prospects during prospect's official visit to campus.

  • A student host must be enrolled in the member institution being visited by the prospect. A nonqualifier may not serve as a student host during his or her first academic year of residence.