Outside Competition
Competition in any organized athletic competition when not representing Brown is prohibited during the academic year. You will become ineligible if you violate this rule. During official institutional holiday periods, outside competition is permissible (except in basketball). Outside competition must be approved by the coach as well as the Athletic Director using the Outside Competition Approval Form (PDF), which is to be completed in advance of the activity. In general, outside competition is subject to the following rules:

  • With some exceptions, student-athletes may not compete on an outside team during the academic year. To determine whether a student-athlete's outside competition meets one of the exceptions under NCAA rules, please contact the Compliance Office.
  • Student-athletes competing on outside amateur teams may not receive any benefits from those teams except for actual and necessary expenses for competition.
  • Student-athletes may participate in individual competition during the academic year, if it has been approved by Compliance. In order for a competition to be considered individual outside competition, a student-athlete may not receive any expenses associated with the competition from on outside team or Brown and may not participate as a representative of any outside team.
  • Student-athletes should not miss class for outside competition or for practice with outside teams.
  • Student-athletes participating in outside competition may not receive any expenses from Brown for the competition, such as travel expenses, uniforms, or coaching. If Brown provides these expenses the student-athlete is considered to be representing Brown in the competition and the competition must be counted toward the maximum competition limit established by the NCAA.