Official Visits

As you are aware, there are several forms required for an official visit. The required documentation and steps for requesting a visit are outlined below. Remember that an official visit may not take place before a prospect has started classes for his or her senior year.

Brown Recruiting and Official Visit Philosophy


1.  Official Visit Request Form

All Official Visits are to be requested by properly and fully completing an official visit request form 7 business days in advance of the planned visit.  Forms need to be approved by Compliance, the business office and the ticket office and cannot be processed at the last minute.  All lines on the form must be filled out or the form will be returned to you. Please be mindful of your recruiting budget and ensure that you make fiscally responsible choices with respect to transportation and meals.  NOTE: Test scores presented on a printout from a website will not be accepted - NCAA Bylaw 13.6.3 stipulates that the score must be presented through a testing agency document, on a high school or preparatory school academic transcript (official or unofficial) or through the use of the applicable testing agency's automated-voice system. The printout that can be accessed on the testing agency web site by the prospective student-athlete notes that it is not an official document and is for informational purposes only. Accordingly, a web-shot, or pdf of the web page would not suffice as a testing agency document for a test score report.

2. Information Provided to Prospects (Dear PSA Letter) Get Acrobat Reader


The NCAA requires that admissions and graduation rate data, the NCAA banned drug list, and
notification of initial-eligibility standards be provided to prospects at the earliest opportunity after the institution begins recruiting the prospect. This information may be provided in hard copy or electronic form.  The Compliance Office has prepared a letter that can be used for this notification and it is designed as a mailing to prospects prior to an official visit.  The letter has also recently been revised to warn the prospect about expectations regarding behavior and appropriate conduct. A copy of it can be found in your compliance binder or can be requested via email. This letter (or your own version of it approved by Compliance) must be sent to each prospect scheduled to come for a visit in ADVANCE of the visit.

3. Release/Permission to Treat Form Get Acrobat Reader


At least four days prior to an official visit, prospects and their parent and/or guardian are to sign and RETURN TO COACH via fax/mail a Release/Permission to Treat Form. The prospect should provide the original copy to the coach upon arriving on campus for the visit. This form is required by Brown University and addresses health and safety information that is vital to have on record anytime a prospect spends a night on campus.  This form must be kept on file by the coach, and hosts are to be directed to call the coach if any situation arises during the visit where information from that form is needed.

4. Prospect Form Get Acrobat Reader


At the beginning of each official visit, it is suggested that the coach conduct a brief meeting with the prospect and the host to discuss NCAA and University rules governing official visits.  At this time, the coach should ask the prospect to review and sign the Official Visit Guidelines for Prospective Student-Athletes and any money and meal tickets should be distributed to the host. The Official Visit Guidelines for Prospective Student-Athletes Form is to be kept on file by the coach for one year after the visit.

5. Host Form Get Acrobat Reader


Before providing money or meal tickets to a host the coach is asked to fill out the Official Visit Host Form (prospect information, host information, host money amount) which outlines the rules regulating a student host and confirms the amount of money received by the host. The student host is to sign this form in order to receive the money. The form should still be signed even if no money or meal tickets are provided for the visit and is to be kept on file by the coach for one year after the visit. This form originates in the Ticket Office and does not need to be printed by the coach who requests the visit.

6. Host Money Itemization Form Get Acrobat Reader


Within three days of the completion of the official visit, the student host must return the Official Visit Host Itemization Form to the Ticket Office along with all unused entertainment money. This form will be handed out by the Ticket Office staff along with the money. Receipts for all money spent and a completed Host Money Itemization Form must also be turned it at this time. This itemized account of money spent is necessary to maintain compliance with NCAA rules on entertainment money. The total on the itemized form must equal the value of the receipts turned in.  If the amount of money received is greater than the total on the itemized form, the excess amount must be returned. This form originates in the Ticket Office and does not need to be printed by the coach who requests the visit.