Department of Athletics Missed Class Policy

A) Regular Season: The regular season playing schedules for all varsity sports must be constructed so that student-athletes do not miss more than five days per semester. Every effort should be made to miss no more than four class days in the M-W-F sequence. Departing campus prior to the conclusion of the academic day (3pm) will be counted as one class day missed for the semester. One a case by case basis, the Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services, the Faculty Athletic Representative, and the Director of Athletics may approve additional absences for an individual student-athlete who qualifies for invitational events or who continues to participate at a competition.

B) Spring Break Travel: For any team travel associated with spring break, a team cannot begin travel until the completion of classes on Thursday of the previous week.

C) Weekday Contests: Brown requests all opponents schedule game times for as late in the day to ensure the least ammount of missed class time.

D) Friday Night Contests: Teams may not leave prior to the completion of classes on Thursday for Friday night contests.

E) Other Academic Consideration: Contests involving extended class absences should not be scheduled. Normally, only one contest in a sport shall be scheduled in any Monday through Thursday period when classes are in session. Midweek contests should be local in nature.