Medical Hardship

Medical Hardship and Fifth (5th) Year Waivers
Student-athletes have eligibility for no more than four (4) seasons of intercollegiate athletic competition in any one sport, which ordinarily must be used within five (5) calendar years from their first full-time matriculation at any collegiate institution. However, under Ivy rules student-athletes are ordinarily expected to use their eligibility during their first four years of enrollment. The Ivy League does not allow “redshirts”. There are exceptions to this rule; please consult the Compliance Office for more information about Fifth (5th) Year Waivers.

NCAA rules pertaining to medical hardships state that you may compete in a maximum of three (3) contests or dates of competition, up to 30% of your team’s contests, and still qualify for a waiver. If you have suffered a season-ending injury or illness, you must let the Compliance Office staff know as soon as possible, even if you are unsure if you will pursue a waiver. This is because medical documentation and participation information must be submitted by the Compliance Office to the Ivy League office in the same calendar year as the season you have missed. Note that medical documentation must indicate dates and treatments prescribed, the date when you were declared unable to compete as well as the date you were officially cleared to resume competition. If you see a medical professional at home or off campus, it is your responsibility to make the records available to the Brown Athletic Trainers and compliance staff – they will be needed for any waiver request.